What to wear on a first date


BOWL BABY, BOWL (Photo credit: MLHS)

Hi there!  I just came back from a trip at Walgreens after picking up some wedding essentials.  Yes, I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and for that I needed some beauty supplies.  A couple of fake eyelashes and of course black liquid liner to complete the look.  Don’t worry, I did a test run before and even though they are fake (although they are made with 100% real human hair), they look natural enough on me.  This little beauty trip got me reminiscing about what I would wear on my first dates, and then that thought progressed to what others wear on their first dates.

From my own experience, when meeting these online potential love matches, I would wear something similar to what’s worn at a happy hour.  I figure flattering with an edge, at least that’s the look I was going for.  Saying that, I realize this is completely subjective.  A fitted sweater at happy hour to me might equate to clear stilettos and glitter to someone else, even further, a holiday sweater that lights up.  Even though I am referring to online dates, please feel free to include all dates in general.

Ladies, what do you wear when meeting a date for the first time?  Do you wear fake eyelashes and hair extensions?  Today that seems all the rage, plus they make everything so natural looking.  It’s almost as common as wearing mascara and a hair clip.  With that, gentlemen, what do you prefer to see your dates in?  Would a holiday sweater bother you?  Even if it lights up?  What if it sings you a song?

I remember an online date for the first time and he had on a horrible outfit.  Shallow of me, yes, but first impressions carry so much weight and it turned out his personality was just as lame (plus he looked like a bad version of the pictures he posted of himself).  He had on lightwash baggy carpenter jeans, with the little hook on the leg to hold a would be hammer, bowling shoes, and a large faded sweater with a horizontal line going across his chest.  Why would he wear that?  I much rather the generic striped business shirt and fitted jeans on a first date.  I know, this too can be construed as lame, but bowling shoes on a date are never acceptable outside of a bowling alley.  Ladies, what are your thoughts on firstdate menswear?  What do you wear?


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