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Hello there!  I just came back from an amazing wedding in Boca Grande, Florida.  It was on this reclusive little island on the west side of the Sunshine State.  The weather was gorgeous, the food was scrumptious, and the wine flowed, almost endlessly, into my belly.  It was so fun!  Speaking of fun, how many of you went on some fun dates this weekend?  Florida was sunny as ever but I also heard my friends in NY were enjoying some 80 degree weather over the weekend.  Did any of you go on dates?  How about any speed dating events?

I have never partook in speed-dating but it seems like something fun to do.  I think anything out of the ordinary in a safe environment can be a good time.  Think about it, a bunch of similar strangers looking for love in one spot.  You don’t have to worry about rejection, being relevant for too long, or not meeting enough people.  Speed-dating allows you to meet multiple people for a set amount of time (I think it’s something like 2 minutes allotted per person), and whoever is sitting across from you is almost guaranteed to speak to you.  Sure, you might not like what they have to say, but it allows you to not ponder the “what if”.  This is a shy guys dream!  This is also a great experience for a group of girls that have trouble being approached by men when they go out to bars and lounges… which is a flashback to my prior dating life.

If someone likes you, you are notified, and if nothing comes of the event, you can go to another (possibly with a different theme).  I was recently introduced to a great business guy from Brooklyn through a mutual friend and he actually has his own speed-dating company.  He was even on mobwives.  Did I mention I absolutely looovveee mobwives?!  Anyways, here is his site for those that are interested.  And no, I am not paid to endorse, I just checked out his site and I love the way he breaks down single speed-dating events into different themes.  For instance, it can be Young Professionals, 50 and Older, Men with Accents, Fitness Speed-Dating…you get the idea.  See for yourself: www.onspeeddating.com

I want to hear the good, bad, and ugly speeddating stories you have.


2 responses to “Speed-dating thoughts

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  2. haha…agree with your blog (no flirting with strangers in strange positions and sweats), however…all bets are off on yoga speed-dating outside of the studio :o)

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