Online dating profile…what I did and should have done

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SVU Promo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey people!  I’m having a little trouble thinking of what to write about this morning.  I think it’s due to me watching way too much TV lately.  This has caused my brain to become fried and unimaginative.  In any case, after brainstorming a bit, let me talk about online profiles (in general), for this blog entry.  Every time I think back to what my profile was like, I get a little giddy.  Why?  Because I think back to the pictures I posted of what looks to be me binge-drinking and wearing next to nothing.  Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but ladies, you know you have to show a little skin in order to attract the candidates.  Now that I’m older, and like to think a little wiser, I can look back and see what I did and should have done in terms of my online dating profile and eventual meet.  Keep in mind the below is from pure memory.  When I tried getting my old profile back for comparison, turns out the site I used (, can only go back 30 days.  Which annoys me just a bit because after watching Law & Order SVU reruns, I feel that they should have a computer archive that can pull up any and every thing I have ever done in my life.  No?

Here is what I can recall:

What I did: post multiple unflattering pictures of myself having a bit too much to drink

What I should have done: maybe post one, maybe two pictures with a drink in my hand so I don’t look like a bar fly

What I did: Used too many ! marks and maybe even a 🙂

What I should have done: If writing ten sentences, the maximum 🙂 and ! should not exceed two total…meaning one of each overly excited symbol

What I did: Meet guys who only posted one picture

What I should have done: Never meet anyone who only posts one picture.  This means they only have one picture of themselves where they think they look good (in their adult life)

What I did: Meet a guy with a horrible phone voice

What I should have done: Never meet anyone with a horrible phone voice.  Their voice does not deepen and get sexy in person

Even though it worked out beautifully (from editing, filtering, more editing, and sheer luck), it was a bumpy experience.

Tell me about your dating profile.  What did you and and what should you have done?  By “done” I mean posted online, or whatever you define “done” to mean 🙂


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