What’s your type of guy?

A pack of blueberries from a organic farm co-o...

A pack of blueberries from a organic farm co-op program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, hello, hello!  I just ate about a pound of blueberries because I have it in my head that they are a powerful antioxidant, so I figure eating a pound of them in one shot should override the mini-chocolate bars I ate earlier.  Wish me luck.

I was thinking about my wonderful lil’ big sis this weekend because I am so excited she is coming down to Florida.  I refer to her as lil’ big sis and she conversely refers to me as big lil’ sis.  Lets just use LBS and BLS for short.  Hopefully these acronyms don’t stand for anything too unsavory in the digital world.  This is due to our age and height discrepancy.  She is a mere 5 feet, arguably 4’11” and I am around half a foot taller, yet she is a few years older than I.

So I was remembering a time when we were talking about online dates in general and where we go, what we do, and all other fun things involving encounters of dating kind.  We were comparing stories and noticed that even though we are two peas in a pod, we have completely different online dating (or really any kind of dating), styles.

LBS likes the artsy romantic that writes poems about her beauty while I always tended to go for the business type guys who had 5 year plans and verbally told me I was beautiful (poems were not necessary).  She didn’t mind going dutch while I couldn’t even comprehend the words coming out of her mouth when she told me she “split the bill”, she had dates lasting upwards of eight hours while I thought a long dinner would suffice and save me from boredom, she told me how she would meet a guy after having no phone interaction while I just thought that plain ridiculous.

I would go in cyberspace and send her what I thought were potentials and she wouldn’t even respond to them.  My LBS would continue to tell me horror stories of guys she met involving men that I didn’t send her.  After several months, one could almost imagine a cartoon bubble with a question mark above my head.  I just didn’t get it.  Then it dawned on me, we had different tastes in men.  Even though I was vetting and sending her potentials that were artsy, had witty blurbs, and even some that lived in Brooklyn, she didn’t bite.  Reason being, they had different long term goals.

When looking for a potential mate, seriously looking, I think a key thing to have in mind is what you want.  This should include more than just surface qualities such as funny, adventurous, witty, etc.  These personality traits should filter through naturally in the dating process.  ie: If the guy is a bore, most likely you will not continue to go out with him.  Qualities I am talking about should be what Patti Stanger calls “non-negotiables”.  These are qualities in your future mate that cannot be adjusted.  In addition, try to establish a rough 5 year plan.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  What kind of mate do you see yourself having for those 5 years?  If you really can’t answer those questions for yourself then maybe you just want to enjoy dating and living life?

As for my sister, I cannot wait till she comes down so we can exchange stories on all things in life.  Hopefully she doesn’t kick my ass over mentioning her on the web.  Oh well…thats what families are for, and ours is a doozy!

So with that said, what’s your type of guy?  Do you like blueberries?  How many did you eat today?


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