Which Real Househusband makes your toes curl?

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Hello!  Let’s start with a couple questions: First, who doesn’t watch reality TV?  Second, what better topic to discuss than The Real Housewives reality TV franchise on Bravo?  For those that answered no, I either think you are lying or have been on sabbatical in Shimla.

And for those out there that do watch reality TV but have no idea what I am talking about, The Real Housewives empire consist of a bunch of reality shows that follow women from “privileged” lifestyles.  At least that’s what the original thought was.  Each city has its own series.  For example, there is a Real Housewives of Orange County that follow wealthy women from Orange County, Real Housewives of New York, Real Housewives of New Jersey, etc…

I love all of the shows except for Real Housewives of DC (so boring I can’t even believe it aired), and Real Housewives of Miami.  The latter was a shock because you think Miami means spicy, hot, fun…instead, it was like a sexier DC.  Miami Social was more exciting.  I’m kinda still thinking about DC, it’s not even a fun (and by fun I don’t mean politically entrenched), city to follow drama.  Sorry, I just don’t get it…wouln’t Chicago have crossed their minds first?

Back on topic…my favorites are currently Beverly Hills and New Jersey.  Beverly Hills because it seems like the ladies were tackling actual problems such as domestic abuse, drug abuse, and amazing fake eye-lashes… plus it gave me, a non-privileged housewife, a look into the biggest houses I’ve ever seen.  Helllooo Mohammad!  New Jersey is crazy… true they are a tame bunch compared to VH1’s Mobwives, but crazy non-the less.  I feel like I can relate because even though I am from New York, I always got my gas in Jersey… therefore that makes me close by proximity.

When I first heard of the show, I thought these ladies were actually housewives.  Turns out, most of them are not married.  Or if they are, they run an empire of their own (which I applaud).  Who else thought this was a shock given the title of the show?  Any-who, this past Sunday, I watched the premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey and focused not only on wives, but their manly husbands.  It got me thinking how adorable Joe Gorga is and how scary Joe Giudice is… it seems like he is sweet feeding his pet wolves out of a giant garbage can one minute, and telling his wife and daughter to shut the f@$% up the next.  Then I started thinking about the other househusbands.  Apollo from Real Housewives of Atlanta is gorgeous yet scared of lost souls in his wife’s new funeral business, while Ken from Beverly Hills is charming, because he dapper in every way (especially in his crushed purple velvet suits).  But I have to say my all time favorite is Mauricio, also from Beverly Hills.  He is family oriented, hot, and knows what seems to be about 150 languages (I exaggerate, I think it’s 3 which is still toe-curling in my book).

Who is your favorite Real Househusband and why?  Also, who is wondering what happened to Jay Mohr and his weekly Jersey recap blog?  Bring back Mohr, Andy Cohen!


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