What were you thinking…posting that?

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Hi there!  I came across this article in the NYT that I found extremely interesting, yet simple in concept: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/26/fashion/for-couples-new-source-of-online-friction.html?_r=1

In a nutshell, writer , gives us examples of what seems to be happening with couples who don’t think before they post.  She mentions a boyfriend that foolishly posted a picture of his girlfriend with a beauty mudmask, a wife (who happens to be Rosanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s daughter), posted how her husband (John Leventhal, a Grammy winning musician), shouldn’t be performing in jeans he wore for three consecutive days, and a husband posting how he is fixing his roof which his wife didn’t appreciate since she felt her friend’s would think they are bragging about their wealth (in being able to afford fixing their roof in the first place)… personally, I think this last upset counterpart is a bit too sensitive.

The article pretty much raises the question on what is proper social media etiquette between couples.  It states that in today’s day and age, some would be couples need to sort this type of thing out early on in the dating stage.  I feel amazed that this “dating social media etiquette” dilemma is so notorious that it made an article in the NYT, and even more so because I felt moved to blog about it.

In my mind it is always a bad idea to tag your mate in an obviously embarrassing state, for example, the aforementioned beauty mudmask.  I also feel the same way about mocking your mates bad hygiene (three day old jeans while performing at a concert in front of your unsuspecting fans), but when it starts getting to updates on the house, that is when we start going into the grey area.  I wouldn’t even think that saying “updating kitchen” or “finally redoing the roof” would equal to someone thinking “gosh, we have some pompous neighbors”, but apparently, some people might think otherwise.

Point is, check yo-self before you wreck yo-self (and check for comment/pic approvals with your better half too).

What’s your stance on posting?  For it?  Against it?  Somewhere in between?


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