Plastic surgery… do guys even care?


plastic-surgery-0902-01 (Photo credit: madelineyoki)

Hey!  So I just finished watching E!‘s celebrity plastic surgery special which got me looking at some great examples of what plastic surgery is supposed to look like and what it’s not.  Ummm…what happened to Mickey Rourke?

Speaking of plastic surgery, I feel that it is so common place now that it is almost unusual to meet someone who doesn’t have it.  And those that don’t have anything done to date are seriously considering jumping the au naturale ship to take care of business.

I asked my husband how he felt (no pun intended), about girls with plastic surgery back in his dating hay-day and he really had no issue with it.  I then asked all of my guy friends how they felt on the subject (maybe a little pun intended), and they felt the same way.  They were more turned off by tattoos…???  Maybe cause most of the guys I know are preppies which means big boobs under Lacoste polo shirts are ok, but body art isn’t something they feel they can take home to mom?  Closet nymphos? Who knows.

I recently went to Korea for a wedding and was told South Korea is huge on cosmetic enhancement.  Something like “most of the country’s stars” has undergone the knife.  Walking around, you would never guess.  Everyone there looked so naturally beautiful.  Apparently everyone had their nose done, eyes done, dimples put in, calves and jaw lines shaved down, boob implants, butt implants, and the list goes on.  I know that if i ever need anything done in the future, I’m flying back to Korea!

Personally, I get freaked out when I see a guy who went tweezer happy on his eyebrows… so long as it’s natural looking, I’m game.

Guys, how do you feel about girls with plastic surgery?  Boobs, nose, lips…

Girls, guys with pec implants do it for you?  How about face lifts and the like?

Then the question becomes, when do you come clean about the procedures you undertook?  Before or after the baby.  Me thinks a baby is a dead giveaway to not so popular family genes cause there is no way cosmetic procedures are genetic.

Here are my thoughts on plastic surgery:

  1. If you do undergo the knife, make it look natural
  2. Come clean about it only after you are in a serious relationship…no need to sound the alarms if you are just dating.  Why not let him think your boobs defy gravity?
  3. Definitely come clean about it if you are considering reproducing (before and not after)
  4. Don’t put your baby in a tanning bed (this goes out to Patricia Krentcil, the now infamous NJ tanorexic mom)

Would love to hear your thoughts.


2 responses to “Plastic surgery… do guys even care?

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