Is a bad sense of fashion more attractive to the opposite sex?

Number One (Star Trek)

Number One (Star Trek) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hola!  I’m sitting on my couch after recently watching a “What Not To Wear” episode on TLC which got me thinking how many crazy dressing people there are in the world.  For those of you not familiar, WNTW is a show that’s been on for over a decade.  Throughout the years, Stacy and Clinton (the shows fashion forward co-hosts), guerilla attack a person deemed “style clueless” with the help of their friends and family who nominate them to the show.

Today, the show had a professional clown who couldn’t distinguish between her work costumes and personal attire.  At the end of the transformation, she was revamped into a va va voom mama.  Before her much needed transformation, the cameras air some secret footage of her strolling down a street in knee high striped socks and sequined hats.  On other WNTW shows, there was a woman wearing what looks to be a star trek outfit, a lady wearing a raccoon tail attached to her butt, and a busty woman wearing things that made her look naked.

The above mentioned women all had loving husbands/fiances (raccoon butt was only in her early 20’s so she wasn’t married yet).  Onto my train of thought, before I started man-shopping online, no one would even approach me, much less ask me on a date.  Was I too vanilla?  Maybe the key to finding a good man the traditional way (by traditional, I mean non-online), is to quirk it up a bit?

Take it from my highschool Spanish teacher, she epitomized kooky attire.  She always dressed in purple from head to toe (including the pencils she wrote with).  Rumor had it, she also painted all her walls purple in her purple house.  Yet, she was a happily married woman of about 100 years to a very distinguished looking English teacher in the same high school.

Tips to live by from the fashionably quirky:

  1. Be yourself
  2. The more unique looking your attire, the more your personality has to outshine the crazy (in a good way of course ie be super sweet, not super bitchy)
  3. If you want to wear a raccoon tail as part of your attire, you cannot be over 25 years old.  This is because even crazy looking 25 years olds have great boobs

Guys, do you find quirky attire more alluring and easier to approach?  ie lovable?  Is this the reason those less fashionable are hitched?

Ladies, when are you going to start online dating?

Would love to hear your stories!


4 responses to “Is a bad sense of fashion more attractive to the opposite sex?

  1. I am online dating right now, and half enjoying it for once, because it is an international student who has a decent reason he may be unable to spell. This leads to me judging him less.

  2. good point!… plus the drinks blur the the line a little bit and makes everyone seem that much smarter :o)

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