Venting rant for a rainy Tuesday

English: Joe Pesci in 2009.

Hi there!  The below is purely to unleash:

I hate termites.  I also hate my property manager.  Let me give you a little background… I live in a townhouse connected to 5 other units.  If one of us has a problem, chances are, we all have the same problem.  This holds particularly true with infestations.  A few months after we moved into our unit, we started hearing noises in the attic.  Ghosts?  No, they were rats.  That’s right, rats.  I used to live in NYC and even then rats stayed in the subway like they’re supposed to, never inside my personal dwelling.  On top of rats (which thank God I never saw face to face like Joe Pesci did in “The Super“, I started seeing these giant ass cockroaches.  They were so big, that they could be mistaken for small brown birds.  Again, even in the lowdown city, I rarely saw roaches that big… mostly normal size cockroaches sufficed.  Apparently, down in Florida, everything is supersized.

Anyways, all 6 units payed a small fortune to get our place tented for rats, mutant cockroaches, and of course termites (which were spotted in one of our neighbors place).  For those fortunate enough to never have gone through tenting, this means they literally put a giant circus tent (yes, stripes and all (seriously)), over your dwelling.  You have to evacuate all living things for a few days, including house plants.  You also have to make sure anything edible is sealed, put in special plastic bags, and refrigerated.  Why the same set of rules didn’t apply to dishware is beyond me.  All in all, it was a headache.

Fast forward a few months to me swatting down what looked to be flying ants… aka termites.  After looking around the rest of the house, I spot what seems to be hundreds of wings on the floor…ewwwww.  I call (and follow up via several emails), with my property manager to no avail.  This happens to be the same property manager who works with an accounting firm that “accidentally” put my maintenance check toward the credit of another unit and sent me a notice saying my maintenance wasn’t paid.  Only after investigation (on my part), was the matter resolved.

Finally, after my building captain got a hold of them, they call me back and schedule an appointment anywhere from 8-10am.  No problem.  As predicted, no one shows.  I call again.  “They are in the area but are running late”  Ok,  why didn’t they just call and tell me that (I wondered in my head).  Over an hour goes by and I call again.  “Ok, they’re on their way”.

Is it just me or am I the only one who has a sense of urgency when it comes to basic business practices?  So… the guy comes and he seems mad at ME!  How is this possible?  Isn’t it his job to come on time?  If anyone should be upset, it’s the lady who shelled out a bijillion dollars to a termite company that didn’t work a few months prior.

So after some snooping around, he found a possible hotspot which he treated.

Wish me luck!

I know this is off the beaten path that is online dating but needed to vent out.

Has anyone out there had a termite problem before?  Do they ever just go away?  What about faulty property managers?



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