Online dating safety tips

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Hello there!  Todays blog topic will address safety in the online dating world…or really any online arena via it be FB, twitter, 4square, and whatever else is out there.  Maybe I should have started this sooner considering all the horror stories you hear, but I run off on tangents and have no apparent order in anything I do.  Any-whooo… safety first!

When meeting a complete stranger, it’s pretty normal to be feeling some sort of trepidation about the overall first “date”.  Sure, you might be nervous and think what if he/she doesn’t like me?  What if they are not at all like I pictured? (most veteran online daters can attest to this after being bamboozled by a bad live version of their expected date), etc… But, surprisingly in this day and age, there are some daters out there who have no underlying fear of the “what if”.  What if the guy is a murderer/rapist/sadistic freak?  Quite honestly, you never know.  So for those Evel Knievels of the online dating world, I present you with the below

Safety tips:

  1. Make sure the person you are meeting has more than one picture on their profile…this is not only a safety precaution (so cops can get a better idea of whom to look for instead of one fuzzy pic of a guy on a mountain), but also so you have a better idea of who you are meeting…good, bad, and all
  2. Have at least 2 conversations with the person before you meet… might not be a hot 20something you’re meeting, but a 50year old Washington St. tranny.  You can tell a lot from a voice.  You can also sense “creepy”, especially if the person has no social skills.  Note: I say at least 2 conversations because anyone can seem exciting over phone meeting #1…it is after all, your first time talking.  But no more than 5 conversations.  If you’re serious about dating, don’t waste your time in virtual space
  3. Tell a close (live, not another online buddy), safety friend/family member who you are meeting and where… “Hey, I’m meeting a guy named Oliver Martinez (Yowza!), and we’re meeting at Roco‘s  Tacos this Saturday at 8.  Send safety friend the person’s name, number, meeting place, and if possible a link to the person’s profile.
  4. Meet in a public place… I hope this is an obvious one as to why
  5. If you happen to get a little freaky the first night, that’s ok (as long as you use protection), but text/call your friend and let them know so the cops aren’t out looking for your freaky ass and find you pre-walk of shame in some strangers bed
  6. If you don’t get your freak on, text/call your friend letting them know you’re alive and well
  7. Don’t give any overall personal information like credit card numbers, pin id’s, loans for dying grandmothers, or the like… please don’t fall for it.  I think it’s pretty obvious not to until I see Chris Hansen‘s Dateline documentary showcasing these poor people give away their life savings

Any safety tips missing?  What about horror stories?  Would love to hear from you!




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