Online dating profile demo… what to fill in the blank

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Hi there!  Figured I should accrue the online dating “tips” posts…so with that, I give you: the demo portion.

In trying to set up multiple online dating profiles, I found a good base is key.  The base in the online dating world would be your profile’s demo…as in demographics, section.  Here is the thing, if you cannot define yourself correctly as well as what it is you are looking for, then you cannot be surprised when you are disappointed time and time again when meeting your online date in person.  I’m talking about every date… most will be disappointed in some of their in-person meetings.

When you sign up for an online dating site, you are required to fill out information about yourself, including general demographics (ie: age; height; body type…), as well as what you are looking for in a partner (also age range; height range; body type).


The demo portion is simple in theory but can be difficult for some.  Let’s discuss.

Your “about” section:


  1. Age: First and foremost, you need to be honest about yourself.  If you are 45 years old, please put that you are 45 years old.  I once came across a profile of a guy I dated back in the day and he put himself as being 10 years younger than what he actually was…say what?!  10 years is a decade.  Sure he worked out and could pass… on a foggy day, but what if the girl he starts dating comes across his license stating he’s the same age as her dad?  (did I mention he liked younger girls?)  That’s bad for all parties involved.  A couple years, fine…as long as you come clean about it in the first 2 dates.  Case in point, my sister is 36 but put she’s 35 so her profile can come up in the younger age demo.  She revealed this little lie to her beau on the first date.
  2. Body: The same rule applies to height and body type.  Guys, please put your actual height.  We can tell you stretched the truth if your height is off by more than 2 inches.  Ladies, please put your actual body type.  It’s ok if you put “average”.  Just put up bangin’ (yet realistic), photos of yourself. Photo tips here
  3. Location, location, location: As far as where you are located, it’s ok to put the zip of a neighboring town (safety reasons and all), but please do not put you live in one state as you are packing a Uhaul to move to another state cross country.  I once made plans to meet a guy and he not only forgot about the date when I called to confirm a meeting place (which is a must…call to confirm always), he admitted he was getting ready to move to Miami (I was in NY at the time)!  Guess he was looking for a quickie.
  4. Money: Now we get into the income range, which can be tricky.  Some people are ok with sharing that detail while others are not.  I myself am not but I’m funny when it comes to money…oh yes, I rhymed on purpose.  If you do not put an actual numeric range, put at least what it is you do, whether it be a student, tech, nurse, whatever so the person you are hoping to attract will get a better idea of who they’re meeting.  There are serious daters out there that sift right past profiles with not enough information, especially the job/income area, so be sure to at least have one or the other.
  5. Etc: As far as the other stuff in the “about you” section, just fill out the basics like hair color, pets, *etc… No need to go into deep, paragraph long, detail, cause then it seems like you write way too much.  Fill out enough so the person on the other end can a basic idea of you.


Now we get to the “about him/her” section:


  1. Age: Put what it is you are looking for but in doable ranges.  For instance, you are looking for a guy 30-40… not “any” and not 35-37.  See the difference?  You want to cast a wide enough net where you get suitable pickins’…yes, I did get all country which is odd since I’m born and raised in NY, but not a huge net that you really are going out blind
  2. Body: Height, hair, astrological sign,… usually sites have check off lists for that so check all that apply.  Body type, try to put in at least two body types.  Don’t just put “athletic”, put in “athletic” and “average”.  I think 3 to 4 body types are a good range.  Plus, you can get a better idea by the pictures they post
  3. Money: Again, tricky… I didn’t put an income range that I was looking for, but one of my friends insisted because she didn’t want “cheap-asses” contacting her.  To this, I say cheap asses come in all shapes, sizes, and income ranges.  There is a rule I go by, if you post you are looking for a certain income, then put down what your income is.  I’ll show you mine if you show me yours
  4. *Etc: Smoking, drinking, pets, …please be honest!  These are such simple demos.  If you smoke, say you smoke.  If you are trying to quit, still check off “smokes” and then you can put down “trying to quit” in the little blurb area underneath

Kids/marital status… very big deal in both sections.  Here, honesty is the best policy of what you have and what you’re looking for…no ranges in this category.

Any profile writing advice/things that were missed?  Would love to hear from you!


2 responses to “Online dating profile demo… what to fill in the blank

  1. I just read your nice and latest post. I’ve been acessing to do personal detailed crimminal background checks of my best guess long term online dating prospects on ANY match making site. I don’t want to get burdened with a child abuser or “degenerate”! Do you? I thought not! By the way: Do you think that you may be posting any sort of “addendum” for it at a later time? Just wondering. Keep on “keepin’ on…”.

  2. This is really interesting. Thank you.

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