Online dating for parents… not taboo!

Who is the mother? Who is the daughter?

Who is the mother? Who is the daughter? (Photo credit: Mubina H)

Hey there!  The other day I was watching a new series on TLC called “My Mom‘s Obsession”… whoa.  This brings us into today’s topic blog… online dating for people with kids at home.

I’m all about online dating for all, including those with kids, but… parents have to be extra careful who they bring home around their children.  Again, I feel like I’m stating the obvious, but after watching this show, there are some people out there in the world that just don’t seem to have a clue.

The episode I’m referencing followed the lives of two mothers who had teenage daughters.  One mom was described as “needy” and looking for male attention.  She would be in the middle of shopping with her daughter, get a text from a hot, would be luvvah in training, needing a ride (because the men she seemed to attract couldn’t drive)?, then would ditch her daughter in the middle of a parking lot.  The mom attributed this behavior to the men in her life not calling her pretty.  She said she liked the attention she gets from 20 somethings (she was close to 50), calling her hot…errr…that’s what young guys who want a sugar mama, or free taxi service, do.

Mon #2 had this overwhelming desire to anoint her teenage daughter as the modern day Cinderella.  She took her children out of school, home-schooled them… but get this, not really because the girls home-schooled themselves while mom went about her business outside of the home.  How can you be home-schooled without an adult present?  Anyways, she would give “Cinderella” a loose-leaf paper full of daily household chores, which included cooking dinner, while mom went out every night and boogied down with her eldest, 20something year old daughter (after she ate said dinner).  Mom said she “liked her freedom”.

Both of the examples above are what you should NOT do.  I admit, not once was online dating mentioned on this TLC episode, but this episode was too fantastic not to mention.  There is also a correlation between online dating and “dating” (in general), as well as “freedom” which are what the mothers wanted to feel but stepped off the deep end trying to recapture their youth.

Here are some tips on online dating for parents:

  1. Always make your child priority #1… this means no ditching them in parking lots if you get a text from a hottie saying they need a ride
  2. Be aware of your child’s age… having a 2 year old has different responsibilities than having a 16 year old.  However, both require different types of attention
  3. Do not post a picture of your child online… there are a lot of pervs out there that will only date you to get to your child
  4. Be honest about having kids/ how many kids/ if you want more kids, etc on your profile… if you fear that you might not be a “good catch” if you’re up front about the kid issue, then you have bigger problems and need to seek emotional help.  There is no embarrassment or deceitfulness that should come up regarding your children
  5. Try not to have a revolving door when it comes to the dates you expose your kids to…only have them meet your new beau when it starts getting serious

Remember, online dating for parents is not taboo!

Be sure to adhere to the above as well as these safety tips

Any parents out there with online dating comments/tips?

Would  love to hear from you!


6 responses to “Online dating for parents… not taboo!

  1. I completely agree. I can’t imagine ditching one of my daughters for a guy. It sounds like some of these moms have definite self-confidence issues. It’s a shame their kids are paying for it. I also agree that your kids photos don’t need to be in your profile. My profile has photos only of me… and the reason you mentioned is the exact reason why – there are too many pervs in this world.

  2. I’ve been a single parent for many years and I have to say from experience, the tips you give are absolutely true and a MUST for any dating parent to follow. You’d think of course that common sense would prevail and that having to list “rules” for single parent singles would be unnecessary..but it’s sadly not true. My son is now 26 and happy, secure, and respectful of women. So I know the payoff to being a smart single-parent dater!

  3. Melissa and all are being somewhat dramatic.

    I wouldn’t call it ditching if the mom gets a call and she chooses to leave.The daughter should understand,because I know she would do the same(leave).

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