Online dating extra-marital affairs… why even start?

Maury povich With fan

Maury Povich…who’s my baby daddy? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, hello!  Let’s talk about something unsavory today…extra-marital affairs.  This brings us into how they all usually start, which is a lie.

Everyone lies.  Some more than others and sometimes it’s just a little lie that really has no significance in the world.  But other times, people lie about big things such as, oh I don’t know, sleeping with other people they are not married to.

Usually these lies start out small like, “that’s’ an old friend’s number you found in my pocket”; “I have to work late, again…my boss is really driving me crazy”; “what?…I had to take a shower because I went to the gym after work”…stuff like that.

If you’re one of those couples in an open/swingeresque type relationship, I don’t understand, but you have my blessing… I’m referring to the cheats out there looking to get it on behind their partners back.  Unfortunately, this seems to be all the rage.

In randomly Googling for online fodder, I came across a website called ashleymadison.  This is an entire site dedicated to cheating and has a whopping 6 million members who want to have extra-marital affairs.  There are also TV shows (and you know how much I love my television), solely based on cheating.  Shows such as: Cheater, Unfaithful: stories of infidelity; and let’s not forget Maury Povich and the ongoing paternity tests.

I’m guilty of being sucked into the televised drama every now and then, but after a while, it gets a little depressing.

So those looking for love online or elsewhere, please don’t fall for the married guy/girl.  There is no point in even starting a relationship with a “taken”.  Cheats also use the web, but only because they want to get their rock off/find excitement/get caught….  He/she is just not worth it.  They may be loving and all you dreamed of, but at the end of the day…they’re still married (for whatever reason they give you).

Note: cheaters cheat (aka lie), so they may make their marriage seem worst than it actually is for the sake of getting in your pants.  And if their wife is “a bitch” and not “giving them any”, or their husband is “a bore” or “a lazy bastard” …that’s not your problem!  Move on.


  • Don’t meet married people on online dating sites

or anywhere else

I figure, if married people don’t have any one to cheat with, they’ll be forced to work on their marriage (or get a divorce), then they’ll be perfectly free to date.


4 responses to “Online dating extra-marital affairs… why even start?

  1. You sure like your “esque” at the end of words lol.Reminds me of myself(although I prefer “isms”).

    Extra-marital affairs!!Where should I start.In fact,I have killer insight on this(PUA community stuff),but in the interest of time,I’ll give my 2 cents later on.You may agree or not.

  2. haha… i was trying to have an ending that meant “kinda sorta” without extra words… i’ll start mixing it up with “ish”

    uh oh…ok cant wait!

  3. Very nice piece. just wanted to let you know

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