Social Media and kids…good or bad?

English: social media monitors logo

English: social media monitors logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hola!  You know what kind of freaks me out?  Semi-naked kids on social media.  I remember way back when in highschool, kids used to get beat down (or at least severely scolded) by their parents for dressing like hoochie mamas and cursing in front of adults.  Now parents sit back and let their kids post pics of themselves in underthings on MySpace and Facebook, and pretty much turn a blind eye.  Not only are the girls semi-naked… they’re also puckering for the camera.  Boys are throwing up gang symbols, having IM wars, and bragging about what chick they just laid.  WTF is going on?

Granted, I was a handful back in the day, but my mom had no problem snooping around my personal things, and pretty much whooping my ass when I was ten minutes late for curfew (my mom is Asian so it was a little intense at home… FYI: I don’t endorse beatings for ten minute late curfews), but at least I grew up knowing to respect my elders (especially short little Asian ladies), and not to kiss and tell… because if you truly are a hoochie, you at least want to be a respectable one.

As I got older, I heard disturbing things about colored wristbands, naked sexting, and God knows what else.  Maybe it’s best I grew up when AOL just started and it took a good twenty minutes signing in …diiinnnnnnngggg….pshhhhhhhhhh…ding ding..shhhhhhhh  remember that?  It felt like winning the lotto everytime.

It’s normal for kids to test their boundaries…I know I did.  But it’s disturbing when I see middle-schoolers and dare I say elementary kids act like I did in highschool… and in some cases, my twenties.

Now I hear FB is trying to “allow” membership of users under 13 years old.  Is it just me or does no one else realize that 13 year olds are ALREADY on the site claiming they are of appropriate age.  It’s kind of like what we did when stumbling on a free porn site when we were 16…(just check off the 18 or older button)…or was that just me?

Point is, I wish parents were a little more strict with their kids nowadays and not feel bad about “snooping”.  It’s not snooping if it’s your house.  Also, a little fear never hurt anyone … fear is best instilled at a young age.  FYI: This is very different than beating the crap out of your kids and being verbally abusive

I think social media is great and computers and technology are wonderful…and really don’t know what I’m trying to say in this blog except watch your kids and what they do.  Even if they have the body of an adult, they certainly don’t have the mind of one.

Maybe the problem is that everything is now viral.  Sure, kids do the darnedest things, but now when they do, the whole world knows about it.

What are some ways to monitor your kids behavior online that does not involve lockdown?

Do you believe 13 year olds and younger should go on social media?


9 responses to “Social Media and kids…good or bad?

  1. I do find myself shocked by some of the outfits provided by clothing lines for children these days

  2. I’m only 30,but I’ve noticed a drastic shift in kids nowadays than when I was in high school in NYC.

    But I’m not sure if this new-social media craze is a bad thing or not.How would you class it(kids teens getting provocative)?

  3. monitor, monitor, monitor… all kids do crazy things but they only progress if left alone

  4. You don’t even know the half of it! I had a 6th grade student. Sixth. Grade. Who asked me if I ever played the “Nervous Game.” Clearly I was curious, so I asked what this game entailed: “You start touching someone at the ankle and keep moving your hand up. Each time, you ask ‘Does that make you nervous?’ You do it until it makes him nervous.” The social media just adds to it…

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