When guys get a little too stalkeresque

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Hello there!  So you’ve met someone online, had a great first date, and now are in happy-land.  That is, until you start receiving way too many text messages.  Your thought process can go something like this: “I just saw him last night…why did he text me this morning and tried calling me during lunch”?  “What’s with the weird winky face text?  Is he stalking me”?  “You know what…maybe I’m over-reacting…Ping… crap, another winky face”

For those that have never experienced this before, it’s a little confusing.  You don’t know if you should be grateful, disgusted, or checking out steps in how to get a restraining order.  There are some guys out there that just don’t know how to play it cool.

Yes, we ladies like to say things like “what ever happened to chivalry?”, “we just want a nice guy”, “I just want a guy to tell me how they’re feeling”.  All this is true…up to a point.

Guys, take note:

  1. If you meet someone (especially online/blind date), it’s ok to call or text after a great first date to see if they got home alright
  2. If you do the above, it’s recommended that you do not also call/text the very next day to shoot the breeze about your work meeting (in conjunction with the initial “are you ok confirmation”)
  3. It is advised you set up a second date at the end of your first… something like “I had a great time tonight, how about I call you and we can see each other on ___?”  That way she is expecting a call to set up plans
  4. Please do not send a winky or smiley face at the end of every text message ie: “I had a great time last night ;)”, “did you enjoy that tuna roll? :)”?  “I love tuna rolls ;)”
  5. Don’t say “I love you” after 3 dates or less… how is this even possible?
  6. It’s ok if you only see eachother 2-3x a week during the initial dating period.  You do not need to move in.  It’s also ok (and recommended), that you continue dating others in this period as well
  7. Don’t say you will make beautiful babies together after 3 dates or less… or more

Ladies, what are some crazy calls/texts you received way too soon in a relationship?

Guys, do you ever look back and say “what was I thinking sending that”?

Would love to hear from you!


7 responses to “When guys get a little too stalkeresque

  1. I once got a text saying: “I really really like you, and want to make you mine forever. Will you be my girlfriend” after meeting the guy on an online dating site… but we had not yet met in person. He got angry and more stalkerish after my “hahahahaahahahahahahha say what?!?” reply.

  2. Lmao I have to laugh when I think about how much your insights on dating is pretty close to what we teach in the seduction community.

    We stress the theory of not over texting,never text first,if she doesn’t reply,don’t re text her,text the same amount of words as she does,etc.This is all called “Text Game” BTW.

    Most ppl commit sinse of texting daily and don’t know it.Thus they come off as stalkerish.

    • its a little scary how they don’t realize what they’re doing… guess its the equivalent of a girls drunk text?…it’s hormone triggered

      • Lol good way to put it(drunk-girl text equivalent).

        I mean,it happens to me also.I’m a texter by heart(online chats,text messaging),so I fall victim to some of the things you outlines(border-line stalking).But I catch myself and re calibrate instantly.

        Guys should read this article.

  3. Good article – I know when girls start texting too frequent I lose interest, it’s like an automatic subconscious thing with me! I meet a lot of girls online and I think the most important thing in the early stages is to come off “non-needy”, and that you’re allowing them into your busy life, rather than consuming your boring one!

    • it’s interesting hearing it from a male’s perspective… (this blog was inspired from me and my lady crew’s experience). guess guys and girls want the same thing… which is odd, cause you’d think dating would be that much easier!

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