When friends of loved ones get too gross for comfort

Donald the Nose Picker

My head is itchy…think I’ll scratch it. (Photo credit: srcurran)

Hello!  So last night, hubby’s friend was in town and dropped by to say hi.  I have known him for what seems like forever.  Throughout the years I’ve seen him grow into the wonderful man he is today.  So when I came home last night… we

(hubby, friend, and I) were all in the living room shooting the breeze.  As in normal group conversations, sometimes I would talk to friend, then switch to talking with hubby, then friend and hubby would talk to eachother (promise I’m not referencing a threeway…dirty minds people).

When I started talking to hubby, I could see in my peripheral vision that friend was picking his nose.  Not just picking his nose, but scratching his forehead with his thumb through his nose.  I was appalled.  Do I call him out on it?  Do I simply pass him a tissue?  Do I stare at friend in hopes of him getting caught and his personal embarrassment ceasing his search and rescue?  About a million thoughts went through my head and all I can think to do was give hubby strange glances while nodding in the direction of his friend.

Did he take my what I thought to be obvious hint of hey, check out gold digger over there.  Do something about it!  No, of course he didn’t.  Hubby just chatted away while giving me strange looks himself as if we were in a facial expression face-off.  Throughout this exchange of facial muscles, friend kept digging.  And then he proceeded to ball up his finds and throw them on MY living room floor.  At this point I was about to vomit.  I stared at friends face praying he would turn around to see my disgust.  He never did.  So I said goodnight (no hugs were given).

As soon as hubby came to bed I verbally steamrolled him and asked why he didn’t interject with the picking.

me: Didn’t you see the faces I was making?
hubby: Yeah, I didn’t know what you were doing.  I thought you weren’t feeling well…looks at me with childlike big doe eyes
me: What?!…sigh

We fell asleep at 2am with promises of hubby confronting his friend and our new rule of: no boogers allowed on the floor.

This morning after vacuuming up debris, sanitizing everything friend touched, and feeling somewhat back to normal, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands…only to find that friend left me a little present in the bowl…sigh.

How do you handle unsavory habits of a friend’s friend?

Would love to hear your thoughts!


10 responses to “When friends of loved ones get too gross for comfort

  1. I shouldn’t have liked this post though. That was gross.

  2. Jennifer Worrell

    Oh, NAAAAAASTY! Hubby should have cleaned all that up! This was so funny:)

  3. Lol hilarious post.

    Speaking of grossness,just yesterday,some female friends and I were talking about women farting around men;is it ok.

    Of course I let them have it with a big Hell No!

    Those things should be kept discreet(nose picking,farting,etc.).

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  5. Funny! But at the same time, ick. Super ick. How did he miss out on Hygeine 101? He must not have a woman in his life. I can’t imagine anyone doing those things at home, let alone someone else’s house! I think I would post litle signs around the house, “Ooops! Don’t forget to flush!” on the underside of the toilet lid, and “Deposit Boogers Here” on a Kleenex box, or “Fart-Free Zone” everywhere (because you know that’s next). I wonder if he would notice? And, if so, if he would think they were directed at him, or the population at large?

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