Before there was online dating, there was… the blind date

Hello there!  Before there was online dating, there was… the blind date.  This is the time when friends and family members set you up based on what they thought was a good match.  Needless to say, most blind dates turned out to be epic fails.  Today’s blog topic will take you on a nostalgic walk down memory lane to commemorate blind dates of the past.

“I got this great girl for you Bob…she is H-O-T, hot!”

Once upon a time, a guy I used to work with felt the need to set me up on a blind date with his roommate.  Why?  Probably because I asked if he had any single friends and was whining about not being able to meet any guys “out there”.  Plus he wanted to shut me up.  I should have known better when he said: “Well, you’re weird and my roommate is a little weird too.  It might work”.  Desperate and young, I didn’t notice the verbal red flag.

My date arrived and much to my surprise, weighed less than I did.  I think he was one of the founders of the emo/hipster movement.  He was probably 90lbs soaking wet, had thick luscious hair that he moused up, not in a Jersey Shore kind of way, but in a defying gravity kind of way (it looked soft yet it was standing straight up easily 3 inches up from his scalp).  Blind date dressed in uber skinny black denim and a dark shirt hugging his lean chest and concave stomach.  He was paler than Edward in Twilight, and wore a man purse (which I later found out was “saved” from a NYC garbage heap).  Did I mention his jeans were also highwaters?  At least he wore matching black socks.

Immediately, I knew I needed a drink.  I suggested we eat right where we were (used to waitress/bartend at this “hip” place in New York ).  Figured the least I could do was humor my colleagues.  BTW: the co-worker who set us up was not present.  Blind date and I were seated.  After looking at the menu he told me that it was too expensive and he knew of several places we both could eat for under $10.  I ignored his suggestion and ordered the ropa vieja and a caipirosca (because I was hot at the time and hot girls can do that without remorse).  This is when he told me about his art and how he enjoys finding things in the trash.  I ordered another drink and switched straw sizes going from thin red cocktail straws to a straw you can drink pulpy orange-juice out of.   Even at a young age, I knew I deserved better than street meat and beer.  Whatever happened to guys courting a woman on the first date?

Throughout dinner, blind date was getting more interesting and it made me happy watching him eat.  Maybe I was always a social worker at heart.  The bill came and he guffawed.  He said he didn’t have enough money.   I offered to pay half (which he non graciously accepted), and told him there was an ATM right outside.  Blind date came back, paid his half, and the next day I almost bitch slapped his roommate.  He ducked and giggled.

With all that and a bag of chips, these are some reasons I think online dating is better than a blind date:

  1. One less reason to get into an argument and injure well meaning friends and family members
  2. The thought: “Oh, is that what my brother thinks of me”… he thinks I would be a good match with ___?” , will never have to cross your mind
  3. You get to see a picture of who you will be meeting
  4. Friends and family members wont know you went on a date and you can pretend it never even happened
  5. Even though you will have horrifying online dates, your odds increase of having fabulous ones too

What are some of your blind date stories?  Any successful matches?  Which do you think is better: Blind dates or online dating?

Would love to hear from you!


5 responses to “Before there was online dating, there was… the blind date

  1. Not to be off topic(although I’m not),but are you old enough to remember those phone chat line dating services in the city during the 90’s?

    I think they were free or just local calls.

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