Sometimes it pays… to pay for an online dating membership

A Dental hygienist attends to a patient.

Arggghhh….I just wanted you to look at my teeth.  How much longer is this going to take…arrrhhh?  Uh oh, what was that noise…arrgggg?  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, hello!  Thought it might be a good idea to address online dating sites as a whole.  Like any good saturated market, there are plenty of options to choose from.

I give you a metaphor: Here in South Florida, I get an advertisement in the mail almost  everyday for free dental cleanings.  Guess there are a lot of dentists looking to do pro bono work?  Or a bunch of sadists running around in white lab coats.  Now I ask you, would you get a free dental cleaning OR would you choose a certified dental hygienist/ dentist to go near your pearly whites?

I understand there are people out there who haven’t had their pipes cleaned, teeth cleaned in a while, years in fact, and in serious cases, decades.  Maybe you think it’s a sweet offer because it’s free and you always have the option to just go in for a consultation, just a looksie.  Plus you don’t want gingivitis.  You just want someone to look at your teeth.  But little do you know that every time you go to one of those “free places”, you wind up paying with little parts of your soul.

Online dating sites are similar in manner.  If it’s free, chances are, the selection isn’t so ripe for the pickin’ and you’re most certainly bound to get hurt.

Not saying that paid sites, or certified dentists, are always a sure thing, because trust me, I’ve seen my share of crazies out there too… especially crazies that look nothing like their photos.  But if you are looking for a serious relationship, don’t you want somebody willing to pay the monthly membership fee?

English: A Dentist and her Dental assistant

Oh yeah, this feels great… all this for $35? … a little to the left..that’s it.   (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My sister went on a free site (OK Cupid), and set up a date with what seemed to be a normal guy… next thing you know, he’s telling her sexual fantasies involving dog collars (on the first date mind you), and stated he was looking for a poly amorous relationship, which is a fancy way of saying he’s looking for lots o’ ladies.

I’m sure OK Cupid and other freebee sites out there have a bunch of great candidates (hello, my sister is on that site), but it’s few and far between.  Especially when it comes to their selection of men.  Maybe guys feel it’s a free forum to show their junk?

Anyways, if you insist on finding love on free sites (which always makes for a great blog), then please go on a paid site too.  As always, I promise nothing (I have gone to fancy certified dentists that left me in pain), just better odds.

Take aways:

  1. Go on a free online dating site for blog fodder
  2. Go on a paid online dating site to better your chances of a good date
  3. Do not go to a free dental cleaning no matter how fancy their advertising

What are some online dating sites you are on/have been on? Do you recommend them?  Why or why not?

Would love to hear from you!


21 responses to “Sometimes it pays… to pay for an online dating membership

  1. shrinkingjustine

    I’m on pretty much all online dating sites or have tried them. OKC, POF, Match, Eharmony. None are all that nice to curvy/plus sized women….

  2. datingunicorns

    Plenty of Fish is the worst by far. The guys are certified creeps, losers, and old men looking for young girls.
    I had a guy message me JUST to tell me he thought I was ugly. Then got mad because I told him thanks but fuck off? My friend met a really stellar guy from pof in Austin, but apparently the pickings in Houston are real slim.
    Okcupid here is great if you’re into super nerdy techies with a tendency to flake a lot.

    • You bring up a great point! Location is def key. Once my BFF had a guy message her she was pretentious …she called hima tree hugger then he asked her out..go figure! Online dating takes patience, a good profile, lots of bad dates in between, and a lot of luck!

  3. I’ve tried a few online dating sites in the past and I will say location is key. J-Date in Seattle? You just threw your money out the window. And yes the free sites seem to be more chaotic but the pool is bigger.

    The best way to meet people is through friends (we all know this.) I’m a little more balls-y so I’ll on occasion approach a stranger. But dating is a numbers game and sending a few messages from time to time on a free site sometimes yields results (albeit not great results cause I’m currently not in a relationship.) Dating online is much like anything else online. You have to wade through a lot of crap, but there is certainly stuff worth while.

    It takes the least amount of effort, you can do it when you get home from work or when you wake up. I just don’t think of online dating as the only way I’m going to find what I’m looking for.

    • all great points…especially the numbers game part. you have to cast a wide net & go through some bad to get to the good. btw: you gotta tell your male counterparts to approach us ladies more!… then we wont resort to online dating :o)

  4. I agree w/Dating Unicorns — POF (Plenty of Freaks) is probably the worst. I found there not only the guy who would not go anywhere without his dog, but also the “single” guy who was “married.” Pretty classic. However, I will say that I love that PoF is run by one guy, in his condo, who started it because he thinks that if paid sites really worked, they wouldn’t exist! He’s making millions off google ads, BTW.

    • he said he can only go places that allowed pets?… crazy! reminds me of tlc’s show “obsessed” what other sites have you gone on? Any luck there? Is the founder of pof single? :o)

  5. OKCupid has a lot of chaff (and straight up crazies), but I find that for the under-30, liberal educated demographic, it has the best people. Except you have to wade through a swamp of crazies and it gets exhausting. I did Match and I found that the men were too commitment oriented for me. I want a long term relationship, to get married, and have children, but I don’t want it in the next 2 years. The men on Match seemed like they wanted marriage-babies-homeownership ASAP.

    I met my boyfriend on OKC and he is absolutely fantastic in every way (and he likes my curvy body). It took 3 years, but I never knew I could be so compatible with someone.

  6. I don’t think I’d ever pay for an online dating service.Not when there are bars and club and grocery stores I can pick up women.

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