Shadowy world of exes: Why an ex should remain an “ex” Part II

This is never a good idea

Hello there!  How was everyone’s 4th of July?  Here in my neck of the woods, fireworks are legal so we had the opportunity to get our face blown off multiple times by over-zealous neighborhood dads.  We survived, enjoyed the show, and ate our weight in food.

What better time then after our nations birthday to delve further into the shadowy underworld of “exes”?  (Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, a segue is impossible).  Anyways, today’s blog topic will be… Why exes are exes for a reason.

I have fallen for the ex trap multiple times with multiple people, that’s why I can write the following with confidence.  I have the emotional war wounds to be able to say…”I know what I’m talkin’ about”…Willis….sorry.

Most relationships start off smoothly, or smooth enough that you want the relationship to continue.  Somewhere between the backrubs and romantic dinners, you realize you are dating a psycho.  Eventually, like any animal, our survival instincts kick in and we kick the jackass to the curb.  After this proverbial kick, different emotions pass through us.  We feel angry, betrayed, relieved, fatigued, and we almost always feel regretful.

Gentlemen, I’m saying this in my own voice, feel free to substitute your own mental voice as you see fit: “I love him, he keeps calling me, I can change him, he didn’t mean it”, blah …blah…blah.  We tell our girlfriends how powerful we are.  They agree and say they never liked the dirtbag anyways.  In response, you say I can’t believe I stayed with him for so long…but think “Bitch, he wasn’t that much of a dirtbag”.  You do girls night, no one strikes your fancy… for a long time.  Said dirtbag is still calling you, sending gifts, and of course saying he’s sorry and admits to being a jackass.

What happens next?  You fall for it!  You, my friend, have just been played like a fiddle.  An ex is an ex for a reason.  Some of the reasons are obvious, while others are a multitude of subtleness that form into a mountain of shit.  When you break up with someone and ALL of your loved ones throw you break up parties, name babies after you, and cry tears of joy, that’s when you know NOT to get back with your ex.  The best thing to do is cut all communication.  Then, and only then, can you really move on.

To recap, the number one thing you should do to get over your ex:

*Do nothing*

  • Do not call/text/email/skype/bbm/im/ twitter/fb… and least of all meet
  • Do not even send them witty hate messages proving how witty you are (trust me, they know what they’ve lost because they’re the ones trying to get it back)
  • Instead, go on at least one online dating site and get your mind off of “the ex”
  • Whatever you do, don’t be like the girl in the cartoon… it’s never a good idea

Have any of you gotten back with an ex?  Did you regret it?  Why or why not?

Would love to hear from you!

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Thank you!


8 responses to “Shadowy world of exes: Why an ex should remain an “ex” Part II

  1. I have but it’s usually because I just want some short term attention. I don’t wanna get back with them. I NEVER forget why we broke up so I don’t usually pine. I think people do it out of boredom, convenience, or loneliness.

  2. Loved those two posts about exes…
    I almost did get back with an ex once. We did hook up couple of time after our relationship was ended (by me and for good reasons, one of them he had decided out of the blue to move to another city) and we considered getting back together (I wish I could say I had amnesia at the time but no, just really low self esteem). Just before we officialised it, he went on a jealous outburst about my male friends and I was suddenly reminded many bad nights. It ended there and so did the occasional hooking up. Now I just ignore any emails or contacts which I still get from time to time even though it has been over 6 years now…

  3. Socialkenny PUA

    I don’t think anyone has ever not fallen in the ex trap before.It’s a cycle that we all fall into.

    I haven’t gotten back with an ex as far as back into the relationship.I pretty much just fuck them as a fling

  4. Well since women are 100 X more emotional than men,9-10 times,those exes wanted to get back together..

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