High school crushes

the ideal car to stalk your prey… at least in high-school (wiki)

Hola!  Let me take you back in time when hormones ran rampant in my brain and I lost control of what I was doing.  That’s right… I’m talking about one of my high school crushes.  Only, he wasn’t in high school… I was.

I had this close friend who was dating a much older man… not much older.  She was 16 and he was 22.  Looking back, I think someone should have called the cops.  Come to think of it, they weren’t really dating, more like making out and smoking pot when their parents weren’t home (of course he still lived at home).  But we all survived and she dumped his ass.  Where was I?  Yes, he had a hot friend of similar age that looked like Ken.. as in Ken and Barbie.  I was young and didn’t yet know I was attracted to tall dark stallions.

hottie, I know! (wiki)

Within a few short meets, I decided what better way to keep an eye out on my crush than to stalk his ass.  It was like my hormones took over and I couldn’t control what I was doing.  Little chemical reactions in my brain told me to get in my car and do a “drive by”.  After about 5 of these… wouldn’t you know it, poor guy went outside to get the mail.  In my head all I wanted to do was catch a glimpse of him… like the paparazzi, but without a camera.  When I saw more than the facade of his house, I skidaddled out of there in my 87′ grey Toyota Corolla hatchback .

Did I mention he lived in a wealthy area and my car did not blend in?  Oh yes, there was a good chance he spotted me.  I’m just happy my car didn’t stall.  All he saw was a quick grey streak whizzing by with a big haired driver and loud muffler.  Hopefully his brain didn’t have enough time to confirm anything.  Or so I thought…

When my friend asked the following day if I was in so and so’s neighborhood … I did the only thing I could do… deny it.

You think that stopped my stalking days?  Nope.  Only after a few “Kens” later did my hormones get old, die out, and reach a level where they could be controlled.

Now that I’m cool, calm, and collected… I can dish out online dating advice “cause I’ve been there and done that”.

Ladies, have you ever stalked a crush?  I know all of my girlfriends have at one time or another… dish your stories.

Guys, did you ever catch a stalker in the act?  Were you flattered?

Would love to hear from you!

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4 responses to “High school crushes

  1. Oh, man, did I ever do some high school stalking! Reading this was like reading my own brain… for part of it, until my story veers of into not just being a stalker, but a groupie, all rolled into one hormonal, deranged teenaged girl package. My, my. I still wince at the thought. But that is a post unto itself which I’ve actually begun… stay tuned! And thanks for sharing, I already feel like less of a freak!

  2. Tall, dark, stallions are most definitely better looking than Ken dolls lol =). So I’ve decided to finally make an online dating profile…I want to make two: one with only ridiculous, “ugly” pictures of myself, and one with regular pictures. I guess I just want to see what kind of guys I get based on the different profiles. My information would be the same on both. Do you have any specific advice for me??

    • put up smiling pics of yourself (at least 5) on different days, leave out any negative commentary in your written portion, cast a substantial “net”..ie: look for people between 25-35 years old, not 25-26 (you get the idea)… and don’t get discouraged cause you will be getting plenty of crazies…key is, you have to sift through them to get to the good ones out there!

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