Bad boys …lessons learned


“they got swagga”  (wiki)


Hi there!  When we were young, our parents drove us crazy.  Things got seriously tricky during our highschool years.  Coincidently, thats the time hormones and peer-pressure turned us into attention seeking hoochie mamas.  We would tell our mothers we were going to the mall and troll the foodcourt looking for beefy teenage boys in low slung jeans.  Of course we just wanted the boys to look our way and tell us we were “sexy thangs”.  Yes, life was good.

Back on the homefront, our parents tried to deter us from these ssame bad boys we were so attracted to.

“Do you really want someone looking at you like a piece of meat?”  Uh, yeah…duh.  Why else would I change into booty shorts and platforms in the girls bathroom every morning at school?

“Why is your belly showing?  Did that shirt shrink in the wash?”  No, I want to look like Left Eye from TLC.

Fast forward a few years, and we still want the “bad boy’s” attention.  In the words of my fav human caricature Big Ang from Mob Wives: It’s their “swagga.”  Or maybe it’s their confidence?  Cologne?  Fancy gifts?  A desire to be arrested and put in a holding cell?  Who really knows?

But one thing is inevitable, you get hurt being with a bad boy.  Especially later on in life when the state no longer views them as “a child”.  Personally, I think it’s best to go out with a nut early on in life to get it out of your system (like in highschool till 22, tops).  Get your thrill and leave immediately, and learn life lessons.  Whenever you feel like their magnetic charm is about to lure you in…stop…take one last deep breath (of his pheromone laced cologne)… and ask yourself a question:

“Can I really be with a cheating bastard for the rest of my life?”

Hopefully you answered “no”…as it really was a rhetorical question.  But, if by chance you answered “yes”, you need professional help to figure out why you think you deserve so little.

Guess our parents only wanted the best for us…go figure.

Also, go online and find non cheating bastards who grew out of their bad boy ways.

What are some of your bad boy stories?  When was your “ah ha, I better leave him now” moment?  Anyone still with a bad boy?  Any reformed or current gangstas out there?  What’s the deal?

Would love to hear from you!

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15 responses to “Bad boys …lessons learned

  1. I wonder if Big Ang’s boobs are real lol.

    I have an Italian-girl fetish,so…

    As far as bad boys,the reason why “thinking about it” won’t prevent women from flocking to bad boys is because courtship happens via emotions for women.

    If a girl is using her right mind:she will not dream about messing with a badboy.

    But women are not in their right mind(most times)when faced with attractive men.

  2. I dated a guy when I was 16 for a year, who Had been kicked out of home, and had a lot of problems. I was crazy about him though, and we had a very codependent loving thing going. Since we split, he became a drug dealer and sells knives. He is gay now too. Great choice Bridget!

  3. Aww, I have too many stories! I am planning on writing a post on why we like the bad boys…just after I finish my ranting on being nice!

  4. I get in certain moods where I want a bad boy depending on what activity I’m wanting to do. If I’m going to the Opera, I’ll find a date that’s cultured and has a clean cut look. If I want to play pool and go to a dive bar, I want a hardcore bad boy that’s got my back in case I talk shit when I’m shooting pool.

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