Reasons you shouldn’t drink hard alcohol

“I’ll take a cup, Joe”

Hi there!  How was everyone’s weekend?  How was mine?  Glad you asked: Today’s blog topic will be on the evils of hard alcohol.  Friday night after a putting on a little make-up, I thought I looked like a supermodel.  Hubby and I went “downtown” for sushi, cause that’s what supermodels do.  After about a bottle of wine later (guzzled down by just yours truly), I had the urge to dance.  Looking all sexy in my head, we went to a hotspot and danced with the early 20 somethings.  Was that enough?  No.  I insisted we go to a neighboring club.

At the redrope, I told a giant bouncer I forgot my id (which I did), and he let me in no problem (maybe I looked like an old supermodel)?  Never the less, that didn’t deter me!  As soon as we got inside I told hubby to fetch me a shot of grey goose.  The bartender was generous and gave him a cup of vodka instead.  It felt just like the old days.  After gulp, gulp, gulping it up… I was on a roll!

Screw the wine, I wanted more shots.  Hubby put his foot down and managed to take his drunk wife back to the car, up the stairs, and straight to bed.  I am still recovering (on Monday).

Reasons you shouldn’t drink hard alcohol (straight, this doesn’t include a fruity cocktail):

  1. Hard alcohol (really any alcohol), makes you think you look sexier than you actually do
  2. Hard alcohol makes you think you are the best dancer in the world
  3. Hard alcohol makes you feel like you can read people’s minds
  4. Hard alcohol makes you want to have more hard alcohol (it’s like a vicious cycle)
  5. Hard alcohol stops feeling so luxurious as soon as you hit the open night sky
  6. Hard alcohol makes you look like fright-fest in the morning
  7. If you are no longer in your 20’s, hard alcohol takes days to get out of your system (no matter how much you pray)

Thank you hubby for not being scared of my face in the morning.

Anyone ever had a cup of vodka after a bottle of wine?  What happened?  What about any other hard shot stories… I know I can’t be the only one out there!

Would love to hear from you!

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15 responses to “Reasons you shouldn’t drink hard alcohol

  1. How true – I still think I’m the dancing queen after a few sherberts!

  2. Wow!Both of us posted liquor post in the same week lol!

    I’m not the hard-liquor type.Definitely can’t drink anything straight.

    I tood sips of Grey Goose once and that shit was too strong for me.

  3. Haha I love this post. I am still in my 20’s so I can still drink pretty well, but I’ve most definitely been feeling the effects much more than I used to. On my last birthday, I drank like I was 18 again and felt the consequences till 6pm the next day. Now, for the most part, I stick with between 2-5 drinks, just to keep things stable. Haha. =)

  4. I had a bunch of shots and a flaming Lamborghini (yep it was on a fire) and I ended up with a boyfriend for 6 months… 🙂

  5. Oh, too many to count. None that I care to remember. Old adage: do not mix grape & grain. True, dat. Also: don’t drink too much scotch when you’ve had nothing but raw broccoli for dinner. So. Very. Painful, that lesson. Fun story, tho!

  6. I’ve learned this lesson quite a few times… sadly it never seems to stick!

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