Before there was online dating, there was… the unattractive hook up

“I like to eat squirrel”  (

Hi there!  Ever date someone you were not attracted to no matter how hard you tried?  That’s right, today’s blog topic will be: Before online dating, there was… the unattractive hookup…. (that wouldn’t end).  I’m sure we’ve all been there.  Wanting to be loved, spooned, cuddled, and told how fabulous we are.  Then we settled for a less than savory person to do just that.  Am I wrong?

We all have different things we are attracted to.  Some like a sharp masculine jaw line, broad shoulders, facial hair, others big boobs, blonde, brunette, tan skin, pale skin (like the cast of Trueblood), whatever it is, we all have a type.  (Note: I’m mixing physical male and female traits ie: not intending for a broad shouldered, masculine jawed woman with big boobs, and a beard… unless you’re into that sort of thing).  If not a type, then the very least, a simple chemical reaction in your brain distinguishing between hot or not.

“I’m a lady, and I like to eat squirrel” (

After a hiatus, we begin to feel lonely.  Some of you may pick up someone in a bar.  Others may choose a person you know has been crushing on you for ages.  However the hookup happens, it usually happens when you’re feeling less than superb.  The person you “give yourself” to feels like it’s their lucky day while you feel just the opposite… which would be an unlucky day.

Does it stop there?  No, you continue seeing this person whenever you feel lonely.  Most of the time, alcohol is involved.  Perhaps it’s to blur out their buck teeth?  Put a positive spin on their Fran Drescher laugh?  Smooth out their adult acne?  Maybe even alter your perception like thinking their jokes are funny and insightful?  In the end, you end up lying to yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, many times people you are not initially attracted to become mouthwatering delicious.  This is because their personality makes them that way.  I am talking about full blown ugly (inside and out), no matter how hard you try.  Before you know it, you are now settling and actually dating a person you have no desire to simply because you’re lonely, your clock is ticking, you like playing tricks on your brain.  Who knows.

Here are some reasons online dating is better than (continuing to) hook up with someone you are not attracted to:

  1. Heavy drinking causes liver damage
  2. Buck teeth can hurt while kissing… and other activities
  3. There are millions of (attractive) online daters that feel lonely just like you… that’s why they are on a online dating site
  4. If you are a broad shouldered, masculine jawed woman with big boobs and a beard… there are at least hundreds of people out there that find you attractive just the way you are
  5. Many (attractive) guys on a online dating site want to start a family and have biological clocks of their own
  6. You do not have to settle for last call
  7. There are online dating sites for every niche… including vampires

What are some of your less than desirable hook up stories?  How long did you continue seeing this person no matter how repulsed you were?  How come? What happened?

Would love to hear from you!

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6 responses to “Before there was online dating, there was… the unattractive hook up

  1. I don’t do unattractive hook-ups. Ex boyfriends are for hiatus hook ups.

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  3. katrillesmanydalliances

    I laughed out loud when I read this. After my last relationship I made the mistake of digressing from the online dating scene to the unattractive hookup in a desperate attempt at any kind of successful rebound. Neither was particularly satisfying, but I would have been far better off staying at home browsing the web than the shame of seeing my hookup under the cruel honest light of day. Ouch. A few select friends will never let me live that one down. Should they have tried to save me? yes. Would I have let them? Probably not. But still.

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