What’s with the lack of personality in an online date?

arrrr…sexy girl…sexy…sex

Hi there!  Let’s talk about a new epidemic that’s infected men of the online dating world.  This would be: Lack Of Personality Simplex II (LOPSII).  That’s the official name.  Symptoms vary and can include anything from lack of a sense of humor, passion, sensibility, knowledge, etiquette, fashion sense… and most commonly a combination of all the above in varying degrees.  The only human urge left is horniness.  This virus is tricky because it remains dormant during email and phone correspondence but emerges when subject is “on a date”.

Before hubby and I met, I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter men infected by this virus.  Don’t worry,  it’s only contagious through an exchange of body fluids and trust me, there was no chance of that happening.  I say it was fortunate I met these guys for two main reasons.  1) They make for good writing material and 2) I ate for free (not really for free since my time was wasted, but whatever), which allowed me to keep my girly figure for future dates.

Some of these men were fairly handsome (although not as handsome as their online pic), and others were a complete physical lie.  Their personalities were no help.

As I sat looking at these dates from across the table, I felt confused and befuddled (yes, I know that means the same thing).  How is it possible we exchanged witty banter and hearty laughs over the phone and now I was struggling to stay awake and not drown in my soup? The dates looked back at me in silence and with a little drool.

Here is some advice I would give the not so strong silent types out there with online dating jitters:

  1. Be yourself!  The reason why we are going out of our way to meet you in a public place instead of watching our favorite TV show is because we found you charming
  2. It’s ok to laugh out loud… a lot.  It’s actually an aphrodisiac when you laugh at our jokes
  3. The less “classically handsome” you are, the more stunning your personality needs to be.  This acts as a bright light to blind us from your bad wardrobe choice and chinless face
  4. You have to pay on the first date… otherwise there is not even a glimmer of hope for a second date
  5. Please don’t say we look sexy.  Instead, say we look beautiful… big difference
  6. Don’t creep us out with your stare
  7. Don’t check out other girls… or have us catch you checking out other girls

Ever talked to a stud on the phone who turned out to be a dud in person?  What happened?  Guys, do you have similar experiences with the ladies?

Would love to hear from you!

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5 responses to “What’s with the lack of personality in an online date?

  1. Yep all my online dates except two, and they were definitely not typical in the online world. Most are total lies for one reason or another!

  2. It easy for people to sound cool on the phone. They’re in their comfort zone because they can be in their actual comfort zone while they’re having the conversation… on the toilet… watching porn…reading notes on how to talk to a girl that you met online;)

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