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Angry looks on a New York sidewalk

Angry Girl

Angry Girl

Hey there!  So it’s my second day in NY and looking outside my sister’s window, I think I packed a Florida rain-cloud with me.  He must have snuck in my bag when I wasn’t looking… little rascal.

Before the afternoon shower, I had a chance to stretch out my glams (one step up from gams) on the city sidewalks.  It felt so good to actually walk around instead of hopping in the car to reach any daily destination.

In my walk, I noticed a lot of beautiful people wearing a lot of beautiful things…but… they all looked pissed off.  Girls strode by wearing giant designer sunglasses and non-matching scowls.

What were they so pissed at?  If anyone should be mad at the world, it should be me.  World, I’m pissed at the grape sized zit that manifested on my face a couple days ago.  Now, that’s something to be pissed at.

Although, construction workers didn’t seem to mind my budding face grape.

I started to reminisce.  Was I an angry looking bumpkin before I moved south?  Did I walk the streets of NY like a horse with blinders on, only staring straight ahead, and gave menacing looks to strangers that dared to look my way?

Sure did.  I didn’t have to hide the bitchiness because I was in a sea of bitchiness.

Ah, it’s so nice to be back home!

Are all NYers angry on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside?

Would love to hear from you!

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First stop…New York!

Yo, yo, yo…(in honor of my fellow NYers).

So sorry I’ve been blog absent but I’ve been busy packing!

On my way to NY, then off we go overseas for a bit.  Will try to catch up on my blogs, your blogs, and everything in between.

First stop…New York!  xoxo-

Lady Liberty

Anyone here from NY/ been there/ online date someone from there?  What has been your experience?  I want to hear the good, bad, and ugly!

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Online dating… read in between the lines

“The fact you are a homeowner makes you look sexy in that suit”… sizzle

Hola!  So I set my mom up on an online dating site a while ago in hopes of finding her a match in sunny Florida.  I know this was mentioned before, but if you didn’t read one of my earlier posts … I’ll say it again.  Guys are pervy no matter what age they are.

As a matter of fact, the older they get, the more candid they become.  For example, instead of saying they are looking to wine and dine the love of their life and find a “true soul mate” to watch the sunrise and sunset… these senior citizens ask for sex, immediately.  Something like “Hey, you want to have sex tomorrow?”, is a common ice-breaker.

I can appreciate the honesty, but really?

So when there was a guy who seemed a little nerdy and reserved, was interested in my mother, we both got a little excited.  Emails were exchanged.

The more emails were sent, the more red flags started popping up.

This is what I learned:

  1. If someone says they are constantly out of town… all the time… over the course of several months, move on
  2. If they say they have a high degree as well as position, yet have an overabundance of spelling and grammatical errors, most likely they hold no degree and have a job they are not proud of
  3. They must have more than one picture
  4. Viagra makes old men horny
  5. You should not respond to personal questionnaires sent by potential matches where one of the questions is asking if you own or rent your home (seriously, this actually happened)
  6. The only questionnaires answered or sent should be from the online dating site itself
  7. Be very wary of matches who close their email with “love and kisses”
  8. There are a lot of young guys who troll for much older women
  9. The senior population needs to be wary of people who sound too good to be true… beware of predators

Mom is still online but is also going to try her luck in senior social events as well.

Does anyone out there know of any tips/tricks/events to successful online/offline senior dating?

Or better yet, a single, quirky senior in the South Florida area?

Who here can share their senior online dating stories or input on senior dating in general?

Would love to hear from you!

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Is there such a thing as being too jealous? Errrr…yeah

Close-up of a teddy bear

“I’m beary sowwy”

Hello there!  Today’s blog topic will cover jealousy.  Some see it as a sign of love while others see it as insecurity.  Personally, I think it’s a little of both.  Come travel with me down memory lane as I describe what could be the most jealous person on the planet… or at least ever dated.

You start dating a guy; he seems funny, quick witted, and confident.  Life is good.  As time goes by, you begin to notice certain habits forming.  He grows triple his size and his skin turns green when agitated.  His hair becomes a red-orangey shag, and he rips his shirt off and flexes his pecs when he thinks he spots other guys giving you the eye.

Sometimes government officials try to run after him, but he keeps disappearing into the nearest ally after throwing moving cars and low flying helicopters at them.

Frustrated, you go home.  The next day, you hear a knock at the door.  You look through the peephole and see you know who wearing what looks to be baggy torn denim capris, holding a dozen red roses and a teddy bear saying “I’m beary sowwy” on its plush belly.

That’s right; your cool guy has turned into a jealous monster (who is actually the identical twin of his more famous brother… the Hulk).

Against your better judgment, you move in together because you love getting roses and teddy bears.

In your new apartment, he begins to tell you what you can and cannot wear.  For instance, he associates knee high boots with “slut attire” instead of winter wear.  “Would you rather me show my bare legs instead?”  He turns lime (which is right before green), and walks away.

He tells you he doesn’t like your best friend and thinks she is a slut. .. Because she is single.  Huh?  All single girls are sluts…got it.

When he calls, and you rush to the phone to get it on the last ring after rushing through the front door and putting down your grocery bags, he asks if you just finished having sex because you sound “breathy”.

One morning, he comes home weepy looking after not coming home all night.  He sits you down and tells you he woke up drunk in some girls bed… but nothing happened (even though “she” tried), and he swears it will never happen again.  He was just drunk and needed to sleep… somewhere.

Say wha?

Don’t worry, he lost all is hair.

Fast forward years down the line to a free Jon Secada concert I went to with hubby.  I was wearing a tank top and cardigan.  Hubby told me to take off the cardigan and show Jon Secada some cleavage so he can get a picture of him kissing my cheek.

Is there no middle ground?

What I learned:

  1. Jealous guys are insecure
  2. Jealous guys try to alienate you from loved ones
  3. Jealous guys go bald the quickest (not sexy bald, bad bald)
  4. The more jealous the guy, the more likely he is a cheat
  5. Never move in with someone you don’t get along with
  6. Hubby loves free Jon Secada concerts and will sell his wife down the river for a quick photo op
  7. I take cardigans off way too slow

When dating or online dating, stay clear away from people with control issues.

Has anyone ever dated a jealous monster of your own?  Are you still with them?  Why/ why not?  Any jealous monsters on here to tell your side of the story?

Would love to hear from you!

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(wiki pic)

Twitter fame

Hola!  Last night I was watching the latest reality show that sucked me in…maybe you’ve heard of it?  Hollywood Exes.  It’s about a group of women that were once married to famous men but are now divorced.  At least they named the show exes… which is a helluva lot more truthful than the Real Housewives franchise… where the majority of them are not wives.  I watch both.

This is what my life has become… sigh.

These reality mavens all have twitter accounts, some with hundreds of thousands of followers.  Apparently, I’m not the only one in the country being brainwashed.

Because I’ve been keeping up with the show, I, of course “follow” them on Twitter… I decided to tweet several of these ladies…. more than once. Just normal fan stuff… telling them how amazing they are, etc.  Nothing that creepy at all.

To my horror, they never wrote back.  Why do I care?  Why do I check for a “thank you” or retweet, and feel a bit of sadness when my status remains unchanged.  Is it my picture?  Do they not like my housewife status?  It must be because I write out the full “you” as opposed to the hipper “u”.

Then I started looking at people they retweeted and responded to.  These people have been elevated to a cooler status than I for whatever reason.  Maybe I should pretend it’s my birthday and ask for a retweet…daily.  I don’t think they’ll catch on if I use different pictures.

Some of the tweets people write are so cruel that it makes me think I’m the only one over 18 using Twitter.  Yet these people have a bajllion more followers than I’ll ever have.

Maybe I could increase my “following” by not only writing “u” but will change it to the even hipper version of “yuz” when speaking in plural and add things like “stab her in da face”, making that an intriguing “yuz shud stab her in da face”.  I think that will make me relevent enough for a retweet.

Sometimes I start second guessing my twitter skills and wonder if I’m using it correctly.

The only techy thing I seemed to have mastered is navigating through multiple online dating sites… sometimes simultaneously in various browsers.

This is probably because there is a legitimate purpose to online dating vs tweeting strangers that you are eating a hamburger.  Who can really say.

But when it comes to other forms of social networking… I’m not the most tech savvy person out there… heelllloooo… my WordPress pic (that I’ve grown to love), is of dewdrops on blades of grass because that was one of this sites’ template.

Could it be I’m sending all these messages to an unknown location in tweetsville versus the intended recipient?  I dunno.

I’m beginning to equate a twitter response to having a cute boy call me back for a second date.  Is my phone broken?  Maybe that’s why he’s not calling.

What I’ve learned:

  1. Watch someone enough on tv and you begin to think they are part of your actual life
  2. The above statement is scary
  3. Don’t take it personally if you don’t get a mention after you took the time to think of a witty, ego boosting, tweet
  4. I should soar my techy wings in online dating only and leave the rest to “yuz”
  5. Reality television really does brainwash you
  6. Guys who like you will tweet call
  7. Nicole Murphy doesn’t like me… even though I like her

Someone send for help if I start getting upset about Honey Boo Boo not tweeting me.

In dating, if a guy or girl likes you, they respond, right?  Right!

Who here is Twitter sensitive?  Am I overreacting?

Would love to hear from you!

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Friends that make you go…hmmmm

there was something about her that guys loved

Hi there!  Today’s blog topic will be on friends that make you go…hmmmm?  I’ve noticed the older I get, the more selective my choice in friends becomes.  Is it because I moved to a new land, away from my native NY?  Maybe people in South Florida don’t “get” my big hair.  It’s not my fault the humidity down here makes it grow like a chia pet.  Or maybe it’s my shiny face that glows like a beacon in the neverending Summer heat (which I love by the way).  Whatever the reason, the outcome can sometimes get a little lonely.

When alone, I start reminiscing about the friends I no longer have.  One in particular comes to mind.  She was the party girl who was a world of fun.  The one that seemed to befriend strangers everywhere she went.  It must have been her piercing blue eyes, giant breasts, and acrylic bedazzled tips that sent people in a tizzy.  Whatever it was, her charm was like a magnet.

That was, until we got older.  I could no longer shrug my shoulders and say, “oh, that’s just ___ being her crazy self”.  Through the years she would always fall for the wrong types of guys.  Guys that cheated, lied, still lived with their mother and young wife…

She would become more and more bitter, to the point where she would lie to her friends about her “awesome” life.  Meanwhile, each of us would hear bits and pieces of the truth.  It was like a sad story we had to put together like a complicated puzzle.  We were all concerned.

Her bitterness and party girl demeanor grew with age.  Her piercing blue eyes were often glazed over and her priorities remained stagnant, similar to what they were in her early 20’s, not 30’s.

After many “concerned talks”, I came to realize that sometimes people are not ready to be helped.  They sometimes don’t want to listen.  I had to cut her off.

Guess what, she did the same.  I suppose she didn’t want to hear my concerns, as much as I didn’t want to hear about the latest man of her dreams.  It’s been almost two years since we spoke.

But not to worry, we both met new people with similar priorities.  Sometimes people grow apart, and that’s ok.

People have asked how I learned what I’ve learned.  It’s through personal experience as well as shared stories of friends and family members.  Learn from both yourself and the people around you.

What I’ve learned:

  1. It’s not wise to profess you met your soul mate after 1 week of dating, break up, make up, break up, then meet another soul mate 2 weeks later and profess the same thing
  2. There is no good excuse for your soul mate to have provocative pics of “his ex” on FB… no matter how old the pic
  3. Drinking multiple bottles of wine as part of your pre-gaming ritual catches up with you sooner than you think
  4. Acrylics are bad for your nails… I used to wear them myself (when I rented a Summer share at the Jersey Shore)..oh yeah, I was that girl
  5. I can’t dance to house music no matter how inebriated I am
  6. It’s ok to have different types of friends (even party friends), trick is learning to let them go when they begin to affect your personal well-being
  7. Guys love cleavage
  8. Birds of a feather flock together

Anyone had a party hearty friend you had to cut off?  Or maybe they are still in your life?  Are you that party hearty friend?  Who here tried online dating?  Sorry, had to throw it in there.

Would love to hear from you!

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Online dating… what’s the shame in it?


Hey there! I was watching what else, a reality show (cause that’s the only kind of new programming on nowadays plus it’s my guilty pleasure), and in one scene, there was a couple eating very expensive black caviar (beluga Sturgeon).  They loved it and were not afraid to gush about it’s fabulousness.

I’ve had the opportunity to have tried that very same caviar.  I’ve also had the opportunity to try it’s least expensive counterpart (on many more occasions than the expensive caviar) … you know, the orange salmon eggs you find sprinkled on pre-made california rolls found in your local supermarket as a garnish?  Both are equally unappetizing and not that special.

The only difference being, the pricy kind has an oily consistency.  Guess baby belugas secrete liquified money?  Or what you’re really paying for is pricy olive oil for the eggs to swim and do laps, not the eggs themselves?  Or maybe you are paying for the olympic coaches used to train the eggs to swim in the olive oil ooze?  Those high profile coaches can be expensive.

What’s my point?  No one automatically likes caviar in and of itself (on a spoon), no matter the price.  Instead, we are taught that we should.

Baby beluga equals sophistication, riches, and giant yachts filled with beautiful people.  And who doesn’t want that?  If you break it down, it tastes like an oily salt lick.  Which is delicious only on a cracker… much like anchovies, which are a fraction of the cost.  We are taught anchovies are gross and equal doom.  Ok, maybe not doom… but we’re taught not to like them.

If we are so easily swayed by fish eggs, what else are we taught to like and dislike?  Salvation versus doom?

How about online dating?  I’m still confused as to why this is still a faux pas.

We are taught online dating equals desparation and last resort.  It also equals crazy people looking for love.  In this instance, online dating is like the anchovy on a cracker.

We are also taught that the ideal way to meet someone is through “mutual friends” which can also mean a meeting you are not afraid to share with your friends and family.  This meeting can be the Sturgeon caviar of love matches cause everyone wants to rave about it.

At the end of the day, whether you meet online, in a bar, through your parents, college, on a mountain in Greece, the important thing is you meet.

Online dating is just an accelerated process in meeting a whole bunch of people in a shorter amount of time.  You still meet the crazies of the world, but you also meet a lot of great people (just like you), too.

So save a few bucks on the fancy caviar and join an online dating site… with pride.

Who prefers caviar to anchovies?  Isn’t it really the cracker that makes a big difference?  Who is still afraid to try online dating?  What are your reservations?

Would love to hear from you!

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