Online dating… what’s the shame in it?


Hey there! I was watching what else, a reality show (cause that’s the only kind of new programming on nowadays plus it’s my guilty pleasure), and in one scene, there was a couple eating very expensive black caviar (beluga Sturgeon).  They loved it and were not afraid to gush about it’s fabulousness.

I’ve had the opportunity to have tried that very same caviar.  I’ve also had the opportunity to try it’s least expensive counterpart (on many more occasions than the expensive caviar) … you know, the orange salmon eggs you find sprinkled on pre-made california rolls found in your local supermarket as a garnish?  Both are equally unappetizing and not that special.

The only difference being, the pricy kind has an oily consistency.  Guess baby belugas secrete liquified money?  Or what you’re really paying for is pricy olive oil for the eggs to swim and do laps, not the eggs themselves?  Or maybe you are paying for the olympic coaches used to train the eggs to swim in the olive oil ooze?  Those high profile coaches can be expensive.

What’s my point?  No one automatically likes caviar in and of itself (on a spoon), no matter the price.  Instead, we are taught that we should.

Baby beluga equals sophistication, riches, and giant yachts filled with beautiful people.  And who doesn’t want that?  If you break it down, it tastes like an oily salt lick.  Which is delicious only on a cracker… much like anchovies, which are a fraction of the cost.  We are taught anchovies are gross and equal doom.  Ok, maybe not doom… but we’re taught not to like them.

If we are so easily swayed by fish eggs, what else are we taught to like and dislike?  Salvation versus doom?

How about online dating?  I’m still confused as to why this is still a faux pas.

We are taught online dating equals desparation and last resort.  It also equals crazy people looking for love.  In this instance, online dating is like the anchovy on a cracker.

We are also taught that the ideal way to meet someone is through “mutual friends” which can also mean a meeting you are not afraid to share with your friends and family.  This meeting can be the Sturgeon caviar of love matches cause everyone wants to rave about it.

At the end of the day, whether you meet online, in a bar, through your parents, college, on a mountain in Greece, the important thing is you meet.

Online dating is just an accelerated process in meeting a whole bunch of people in a shorter amount of time.  You still meet the crazies of the world, but you also meet a lot of great people (just like you), too.

So save a few bucks on the fancy caviar and join an online dating site… with pride.

Who prefers caviar to anchovies?  Isn’t it really the cracker that makes a big difference?  Who is still afraid to try online dating?  What are your reservations?

Would love to hear from you!

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27 responses to “Online dating… what’s the shame in it?

  1. It’s not for me, but I have friends who met good guys on there. I’ve also had some frustrated and disappointed friends too. I think it’s good to get yourself out there and in the dating mindset, break out of your routine. And it’s a great reason to get a make-over too!

  2. Also, never had caviar but you have just trained me to stay away from it!

  3. I don’t get the craze over caviar.It has never enticed me except to gross me the hell out lol!

  4. I love this post and the fact that we present such opposing views on the topic ! The truth is it’s already hard enough to trust anyone these days and with online dating it get Ben harder. If its so easy and accessible for people to log on to a site and find a date what would stop them even while they’re dating someone ? Hmm I’m still not convinced of this online dating thing! You must convince me hehe awesome post though love ur blog !

    • we’re like magneto and prof x :o)

      it’s true there are a lot of crazies/ liars/ morons on the web but you go through them much faster.& after a short time you learn to filter out truth from fiction. plenty of committed guys tried to hit on me before i joined a site

      so you can meet people the traditional way & online to increase your chance of meeting mr right more quickly. plus crazies provide good blog fodder :o)

      btw: thanks and ditto (love you’re writing style)!

      • i am still on the hunt for this ‘Mr. Right’ but I have had some pretty interesting dates in the past year – having only dated people I met through mutual friends I can honestly say crazies are everywhere …you never know someone until you date them . Once you reach a certain age your tolerance for bs goes to 0 and you begin to dump them right after the first date . This is good and bad at the same time because to be honest getting picky isn’t going to help LOL but regardless it’s nice to know what you want … i’ve already gone through your steps for listing pros and cons in a person i’d like to date so I really liked that 🙂 keep up the great work and thanks for following me 😀

  5. The reality is, you have just as much chance of meeting the same person online as you do off of it because so many people are on dating sites these days.

  6. I have not tried it yet. but i was in one relationship after the other without much a break. I dont wanna date right now . But even when I am ready I dont think online dating would be it. Not in Miami to many fake people here. And lets not leave out the crazies. Dont become a skinsuit lol. I am old school when it comes to this issue and believe meeting by chance is best. people I know have not had the best luck with the exception of you. Which is why i love your site and encourage my friend who date online to read it! :0

  7. Great post. I bet back in the day it was weird or unusual to meet strangers at the bar and now of course that is completely normal. Online dating will eventually be completely integrated in society and seen as normal. I guess I just don’t like when men or women use it because they have social anxiety issues. I believe it’s important to get through those and become a more attractive person before you go to online dating.

  8. hahaha, ive tried online dating and i must admit… every time my friends would ask where i met the guy, i’d quickly respond “Out!” Eventually I just met too many creeps…. but I met some people who turned into pretty good friendships, too! I’m not sure why we are so embarrassed by meeting some one else online? anyway…. I just stumbled upon your blog and think its great! 🙂

  9. I definitely think it’s time for the stigma of online dating to disappear. Why should it really matter how two people first met? Isn’t the outcome much more important? If they’re happy and perfect for each other, why focus on anything else? Isn’t that what counts? What I loved about online dating is that browsing profiles was almost like shopping through a catalog. You can quickly weed through the garbage until you find someone who might fit. Plus, I think online dating is a great way to find like-minded people. I’m an introverted, solitary kind of person, so it was always my struggle to find someone who understood that until I tried online dating sites where there were people with similar personalities/lifestyles seeking the same things.

  10. I think it’s absolutely possible to meet an attractive mate online. But you have to follow the right steps or you will just end up wasting your money on web. I can give some tips to land yourself a date tonight.

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  11. welcome____ 🙂

  12. I think online dating still carries the stigma of “If you can’t succeed in ‘real life,’ turn to the internet…” and it’s not really fair. In fact, I recently read that one in 6 married couples met ONLINE! It’s not just “old desperados” doing it, either, it’s kids in their 20s all the way up to older people in their 60s/70s. I think that given more time, the stigma will fade and it will be thought of in the same way as finding employment or music online.

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