Friends that make you go…hmmmm

there was something about her that guys loved

Hi there!  Today’s blog topic will be on friends that make you go…hmmmm?  I’ve noticed the older I get, the more selective my choice in friends becomes.  Is it because I moved to a new land, away from my native NY?  Maybe people in South Florida don’t “get” my big hair.  It’s not my fault the humidity down here makes it grow like a chia pet.  Or maybe it’s my shiny face that glows like a beacon in the neverending Summer heat (which I love by the way).  Whatever the reason, the outcome can sometimes get a little lonely.

When alone, I start reminiscing about the friends I no longer have.  One in particular comes to mind.  She was the party girl who was a world of fun.  The one that seemed to befriend strangers everywhere she went.  It must have been her piercing blue eyes, giant breasts, and acrylic bedazzled tips that sent people in a tizzy.  Whatever it was, her charm was like a magnet.

That was, until we got older.  I could no longer shrug my shoulders and say, “oh, that’s just ___ being her crazy self”.  Through the years she would always fall for the wrong types of guys.  Guys that cheated, lied, still lived with their mother and young wife…

She would become more and more bitter, to the point where she would lie to her friends about her “awesome” life.  Meanwhile, each of us would hear bits and pieces of the truth.  It was like a sad story we had to put together like a complicated puzzle.  We were all concerned.

Her bitterness and party girl demeanor grew with age.  Her piercing blue eyes were often glazed over and her priorities remained stagnant, similar to what they were in her early 20’s, not 30’s.

After many “concerned talks”, I came to realize that sometimes people are not ready to be helped.  They sometimes don’t want to listen.  I had to cut her off.

Guess what, she did the same.  I suppose she didn’t want to hear my concerns, as much as I didn’t want to hear about the latest man of her dreams.  It’s been almost two years since we spoke.

But not to worry, we both met new people with similar priorities.  Sometimes people grow apart, and that’s ok.

People have asked how I learned what I’ve learned.  It’s through personal experience as well as shared stories of friends and family members.  Learn from both yourself and the people around you.

What I’ve learned:

  1. It’s not wise to profess you met your soul mate after 1 week of dating, break up, make up, break up, then meet another soul mate 2 weeks later and profess the same thing
  2. There is no good excuse for your soul mate to have provocative pics of “his ex” on FB… no matter how old the pic
  3. Drinking multiple bottles of wine as part of your pre-gaming ritual catches up with you sooner than you think
  4. Acrylics are bad for your nails… I used to wear them myself (when I rented a Summer share at the Jersey Shore)..oh yeah, I was that girl
  5. I can’t dance to house music no matter how inebriated I am
  6. It’s ok to have different types of friends (even party friends), trick is learning to let them go when they begin to affect your personal well-being
  7. Guys love cleavage
  8. Birds of a feather flock together

Anyone had a party hearty friend you had to cut off?  Or maybe they are still in your life?  Are you that party hearty friend?  Who here tried online dating?  Sorry, had to throw it in there.

Would love to hear from you!

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18 responses to “Friends that make you go…hmmmm

  1. The guy equivalent is the perpetual stoner ex roommate who now 42 and never quite gotten his s**t together… 🙂

  2. LMFAO YESS!! I did one who was there when i was making a lot of money and popin bottles always picking up the tab. funny thing is as soon at I couldnt do that anymore I hardly heard from her. she was one of the people i cut out of my life when i decided to live drama free 🙂 I hear she still the same out every other night using whomever she can to pick up the tab.

  3. P.S yes i also had a shore house belmar. ssshhh. keep that on the DL. lol 🙂

  4. After one week in the college dorms, I learned quickly who was safe to hang out with more than once a semester. When a “friend” asked to borrow my car and said she would ask me to come but I would probably get shot, I knew I needed to tighten the circle. 8)

  5. Guys love cleavage- LOL
    I hate the word soulmate. It sounds so cheesy and dumb. Especially when describing someone you just met. Still have ‘party friends’ but I mostly just party with them. I just hate drama, those are the chic’s I stay away from.

  6. I became the cutoff friend when I started opening my eyes and enjoying life. After I got my divorce and started going out and having fun (which wasn’t out of control by any means) my married circle of friends cut me off and side with my ex, so to speak.

    But I put my cleavage out there and put all that other stuff behind me:)

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