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Hola!  Last night I was watching the latest reality show that sucked me in…maybe you’ve heard of it?  Hollywood Exes.  It’s about a group of women that were once married to famous men but are now divorced.  At least they named the show exes… which is a helluva lot more truthful than the Real Housewives franchise… where the majority of them are not wives.  I watch both.

This is what my life has become… sigh.

These reality mavens all have twitter accounts, some with hundreds of thousands of followers.  Apparently, I’m not the only one in the country being brainwashed.

Because I’ve been keeping up with the show, I, of course “follow” them on Twitter… I decided to tweet several of these ladies…. more than once. Just normal fan stuff… telling them how amazing they are, etc.  Nothing that creepy at all.

To my horror, they never wrote back.  Why do I care?  Why do I check for a “thank you” or retweet, and feel a bit of sadness when my status remains unchanged.  Is it my picture?  Do they not like my housewife status?  It must be because I write out the full “you” as opposed to the hipper “u”.

Then I started looking at people they retweeted and responded to.  These people have been elevated to a cooler status than I for whatever reason.  Maybe I should pretend it’s my birthday and ask for a retweet…daily.  I don’t think they’ll catch on if I use different pictures.

Some of the tweets people write are so cruel that it makes me think I’m the only one over 18 using Twitter.  Yet these people have a bajllion more followers than I’ll ever have.

Maybe I could increase my “following” by not only writing “u” but will change it to the even hipper version of “yuz” when speaking in plural and add things like “stab her in da face”, making that an intriguing “yuz shud stab her in da face”.  I think that will make me relevent enough for a retweet.

Sometimes I start second guessing my twitter skills and wonder if I’m using it correctly.

The only techy thing I seemed to have mastered is navigating through multiple online dating sites… sometimes simultaneously in various browsers.

This is probably because there is a legitimate purpose to online dating vs tweeting strangers that you are eating a hamburger.  Who can really say.

But when it comes to other forms of social networking… I’m not the most tech savvy person out there… heelllloooo… my WordPress pic (that I’ve grown to love), is of dewdrops on blades of grass because that was one of this sites’ template.

Could it be I’m sending all these messages to an unknown location in tweetsville versus the intended recipient?  I dunno.

I’m beginning to equate a twitter response to having a cute boy call me back for a second date.  Is my phone broken?  Maybe that’s why he’s not calling.

What I’ve learned:

  1. Watch someone enough on tv and you begin to think they are part of your actual life
  2. The above statement is scary
  3. Don’t take it personally if you don’t get a mention after you took the time to think of a witty, ego boosting, tweet
  4. I should soar my techy wings in online dating only and leave the rest to “yuz”
  5. Reality television really does brainwash you
  6. Guys who like you will tweet call
  7. Nicole Murphy doesn’t like me… even though I like her

Someone send for help if I start getting upset about Honey Boo Boo not tweeting me.

In dating, if a guy or girl likes you, they respond, right?  Right!

Who here is Twitter sensitive?  Am I overreacting?

Would love to hear from you!

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13 responses to “Twitter fame

  1. This’ a show I haven’t really gotten into.

    I watch a few episodes(barely),but the women on there aren’t that attractive(to me),so I’m not really inclined to tune in.

  2. Well, you’re ahead of me because I didn’t even realize retweeting was a big deal. I mostly do it when I’m too lazy to think of something to tweet myself! I don’t even log in every day, I’m just not too interested in it right now. But I think I will give my wordpress peeps some shout outs!

  3. This was funny 🙂 I detest reality tv, but your Twitter-sensitivity hit home. My name is Mrs. Darcy and I’m Twitter sensitive. And I hate myself for it. Why should I care if someone eating a hamburger isn’t appreciative of my @ mention? Have I really fallen this far? It very much is like cute-boy rejection. This is probably why my true love is Pinterest. Pinterest gives me instant feedback, which means instant love. I must be funnier on Pinterest because I have amassed about 100 followers without even trying. I wish dating were like Pinterest.

    • hahaha… i can already imagine a support group forming with a podium, circle made of plastic chairs, and box of donuts! gotta try pinterest… no idea what it is but immediate gratification sounds fantastic!

  4. I’m definitely a realty tv junkie and watch both those shows.
    Tried to get into the Twitter thing but just can’t seem to keep it going.

    Luv your blog. Waiting for a retweet is just like waiting for that guy to call!
    Maybe you should post something that stirs up a reaction.

    • i tried tempting tweets with food lingo but that didn’t work… maybe ill start posting up nude pics (of other people), and tweet “yuz can suck it”

      we’ll see :o)

      btw: thanks for the blog love!!

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