Is there such a thing as being too jealous? Errrr…yeah

Close-up of a teddy bear

“I’m beary sowwy”

Hello there!  Today’s blog topic will cover jealousy.  Some see it as a sign of love while others see it as insecurity.  Personally, I think it’s a little of both.  Come travel with me down memory lane as I describe what could be the most jealous person on the planet… or at least ever dated.

You start dating a guy; he seems funny, quick witted, and confident.  Life is good.  As time goes by, you begin to notice certain habits forming.  He grows triple his size and his skin turns green when agitated.  His hair becomes a red-orangey shag, and he rips his shirt off and flexes his pecs when he thinks he spots other guys giving you the eye.

Sometimes government officials try to run after him, but he keeps disappearing into the nearest ally after throwing moving cars and low flying helicopters at them.

Frustrated, you go home.  The next day, you hear a knock at the door.  You look through the peephole and see you know who wearing what looks to be baggy torn denim capris, holding a dozen red roses and a teddy bear saying “I’m beary sowwy” on its plush belly.

That’s right; your cool guy has turned into a jealous monster (who is actually the identical twin of his more famous brother… the Hulk).

Against your better judgment, you move in together because you love getting roses and teddy bears.

In your new apartment, he begins to tell you what you can and cannot wear.  For instance, he associates knee high boots with “slut attire” instead of winter wear.  “Would you rather me show my bare legs instead?”  He turns lime (which is right before green), and walks away.

He tells you he doesn’t like your best friend and thinks she is a slut. .. Because she is single.  Huh?  All single girls are sluts…got it.

When he calls, and you rush to the phone to get it on the last ring after rushing through the front door and putting down your grocery bags, he asks if you just finished having sex because you sound “breathy”.

One morning, he comes home weepy looking after not coming home all night.  He sits you down and tells you he woke up drunk in some girls bed… but nothing happened (even though “she” tried), and he swears it will never happen again.  He was just drunk and needed to sleep… somewhere.

Say wha?

Don’t worry, he lost all is hair.

Fast forward years down the line to a free Jon Secada concert I went to with hubby.  I was wearing a tank top and cardigan.  Hubby told me to take off the cardigan and show Jon Secada some cleavage so he can get a picture of him kissing my cheek.

Is there no middle ground?

What I learned:

  1. Jealous guys are insecure
  2. Jealous guys try to alienate you from loved ones
  3. Jealous guys go bald the quickest (not sexy bald, bad bald)
  4. The more jealous the guy, the more likely he is a cheat
  5. Never move in with someone you don’t get along with
  6. Hubby loves free Jon Secada concerts and will sell his wife down the river for a quick photo op
  7. I take cardigans off way too slow

When dating or online dating, stay clear away from people with control issues.

Has anyone ever dated a jealous monster of your own?  Are you still with them?  Why/ why not?  Any jealous monsters on here to tell your side of the story?

Would love to hear from you!

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12 responses to “Is there such a thing as being too jealous? Errrr…yeah

  1. Jealousy is a must.

    Imagine being with some guy who didn’t give a crap where you went,with whom and what you’re up to.

    A lot of women may say,”Hell yea I want a BF like that”.

    But when they eventually come across the guy who doesn’t care nor get jealous;they begin to question whether he’s really into her or not.

    So some jealousy is good.

    As far as control,I’d rather say dominance.

    Men should be dominant towards their women. It was always that way. Not controlling but dominant. I know many women will take that as sexist,but I didn’t make the rules.

  2. There’s a correlation between jealous guys and bald guys? Luckily, I’m not a fan of either ;).

    – K.

    • hahaha… i love bald guys! just not bald jealous guys. it’s like their imaginary stress made them lose their hair in a non-sexy way :o)

    • @Day ToDay Dating- As a guy who thinks he’s going bald and my hair is thinning and I just turned 30 this year,I take your comment very offensive. Just kidding about the offensive part,but I am going bald I believe.
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  3. That guy was just controlling! Of course he wasn’t too controlling when he ‘happened’ to end up in some other girls bed. Imagine if it was the other way around? Child. I do like a little jealousy, I like that my guy doesn’t like the idea of me with other guys. You can let me know your feelings but YOU ARE NOT TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO!
    And PS- your husband is awesome!

    • exactly, a little healthy jealousy is good and can spice up a relationship… but when it starts venturing on insane terrorism, that’s when you know to run!

      thanks! he seems to think so :o)

  4. Any guy who has a problem with slut attire has bigger issues than jealousy alone 🙂 Nothing wrong with a little slut attire.

    *I just like saying “slut attire”. I’ve adopted it as my phrase of the week.

  5. This is awesome!
    I once dated a guy who would call me up before a date and ask “what are you going to wear?” to which I’d respond with a confused “umm jeans and a shit?” and then he would start lecturing me on how he needs me to dress ‘sexy’, requesting I put on a tight skirt and a tight fitting top. Guess what? I told him to go ….himself. This is not necessarily a sign of jealousy but rather a control maneuver for men who are insecure and need to feel important. I really don’t understand why any girl would let a guy tell her how to dress. That’s just way too much for me. Anyhow thanks for the awesome post 🙂 loved it

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