Online dating… read in between the lines

“The fact you are a homeowner makes you look sexy in that suit”… sizzle

Hola!  So I set my mom up on an online dating site a while ago in hopes of finding her a match in sunny Florida.  I know this was mentioned before, but if you didn’t read one of my earlier posts … I’ll say it again.  Guys are pervy no matter what age they are.

As a matter of fact, the older they get, the more candid they become.  For example, instead of saying they are looking to wine and dine the love of their life and find a “true soul mate” to watch the sunrise and sunset… these senior citizens ask for sex, immediately.  Something like “Hey, you want to have sex tomorrow?”, is a common ice-breaker.

I can appreciate the honesty, but really?

So when there was a guy who seemed a little nerdy and reserved, was interested in my mother, we both got a little excited.  Emails were exchanged.

The more emails were sent, the more red flags started popping up.

This is what I learned:

  1. If someone says they are constantly out of town… all the time… over the course of several months, move on
  2. If they say they have a high degree as well as position, yet have an overabundance of spelling and grammatical errors, most likely they hold no degree and have a job they are not proud of
  3. They must have more than one picture
  4. Viagra makes old men horny
  5. You should not respond to personal questionnaires sent by potential matches where one of the questions is asking if you own or rent your home (seriously, this actually happened)
  6. The only questionnaires answered or sent should be from the online dating site itself
  7. Be very wary of matches who close their email with “love and kisses”
  8. There are a lot of young guys who troll for much older women
  9. The senior population needs to be wary of people who sound too good to be true… beware of predators

Mom is still online but is also going to try her luck in senior social events as well.

Does anyone out there know of any tips/tricks/events to successful online/offline senior dating?

Or better yet, a single, quirky senior in the South Florida area?

Who here can share their senior online dating stories or input on senior dating in general?

Would love to hear from you!

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11 responses to “Online dating… read in between the lines

  1. Florida? All the older men down here are pervs. The craziest ones live in The Villages. Its like an elderly swingers club. One of my friends gives speeches about STD awareness to a group of 90 year olds once a month there. You mom may want to steer clear of any man in that area code.

  2. LMAO @ senior citizens asking for sex.

    I hope I don’t become 1 of those when I’m old.

    I remembered that post about setting up your mother.

    You’re tryna hook her up with someone her age or younger?

  3. There is no hope for the human race . LMAO, now you see why I gave up on dating in Florida! Any age it’s all the same : )

  4. We may have to have mom date in New York. lol

  5. Did you try one of those sites that are specifically for older people? There’s a niche dating site for everyone these days. And I hear there’s better quality people when you pay versus free. Free sites have a lot of dudes looking for sex (and aren’t afraid to tell you, as you saw!)
    This is why I don’t like online dating. I want to see you and judge you immediately!

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