Angry looks on a New York sidewalk

Angry Girl

Angry Girl

Hey there!  So it’s my second day in NY and looking outside my sister’s window, I think I packed a Florida rain-cloud with me.  He must have snuck in my bag when I wasn’t looking… little rascal.

Before the afternoon shower, I had a chance to stretch out my glams (one step up from gams) on the city sidewalks.  It felt so good to actually walk around instead of hopping in the car to reach any daily destination.

In my walk, I noticed a lot of beautiful people wearing a lot of beautiful things…but… they all looked pissed off.  Girls strode by wearing giant designer sunglasses and non-matching scowls.

What were they so pissed at?  If anyone should be mad at the world, it should be me.  World, I’m pissed at the grape sized zit that manifested on my face a couple days ago.  Now, that’s something to be pissed at.

Although, construction workers didn’t seem to mind my budding face grape.

I started to reminisce.  Was I an angry looking bumpkin before I moved south?  Did I walk the streets of NY like a horse with blinders on, only staring straight ahead, and gave menacing looks to strangers that dared to look my way?

Sure did.  I didn’t have to hide the bitchiness because I was in a sea of bitchiness.

Ah, it’s so nice to be back home!

Are all NYers angry on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside?

Would love to hear from you!

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10 responses to “Angry looks on a New York sidewalk

  1. Glad to hear that you made it to NY. That city is incredibly fun! On my last business trip to NY, I did notice a difference in the general disposition of the people. Passerbys on the streets rarely smiled and when a few people bumped into me by accident, they looked at me with am angry scowl. This is only my personal experience of course – and I’m hoping it’s not the norm.

    – K.

  2. Yup, that’s the way NooYorkers always seemed to me – angry and self important. And coming from Baltimore, where the people are the exact opposite – ludicrously friendly and self deprecating, it came as a shock!

  3. Haven’t been to the city in years. But I can relate to the angry looks as an NYC representative.

  4. I’m here at the moment too and was surprised to find New Yorkers to be such a miserable angry bunch! I love this city but was so disappointed at the attitudes 😦

  5. I didn’t notice. Maybe because I’m naturally a bitch!
    I did notice the styling and clothes of everyone there. So diverse. Loved it.

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