Birthday sunrise

Hello hello!  As a true narcissist, I would like to point out that today is my birthday. This means that today you should see things a little brighter, and feel a sense of contentment (since I’m in the world).

In an effort to maintain my girly physique, not really an effort because my physique is wonderful of course, I went for a morning walk and came across the most beautiful sunrise.

I leave you with an awe inspiring mobile pic.

Isn’t it gorg?

Random online dating tip of the morning:

Don’t wear fake lashes on a first date… unless you’re meeting at a costume party, S&M club, or plucked your natural lashes out due to your trichotillomania.  Otherwise, you look like high maintenance.

Anyone take morning walks?  What are some awe inspiring pics you captured?

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19 responses to “Birthday sunrise

  1. What’s your birthday plans Ms. Narc?

  2. Wishing you many smiles today on your special day

  3. Happy birthday. Beautiful picture!

    – K.

  4. Your first random online tip goes doubly for guys.

  5. Happy Birthday! And that’s a great tip (and pic!).

  6. Happy Birthday! You are borm on my Dad’s bday! And I just want to say he was the best father any girl could ever ask for.

  7. Happy belated birthday!!! Hope it was everything you wished for and more!!! =)

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