Do you always have to wear sexy underwear?

Hey there!  As some of you read, I went back to my old stomping grounds in NYC not too long ago.  In making the rounds seeing family and friends, I of course, went out drinking with bestie…duh.

Feeling, (and looking), fabulous.  We went to a rooftop lounge somewhere downtown.  Surprisingly, we were approached several times. I say surprisingly because when we were both single, there wasn’t a guy that was ballsy enough to say hi.  They just gave creepy stares from afar.  Now that we’re hitched and have some wrinkles, men were coming out of the woodwork.

This blog will discuss one in particular who had this sort of jackassy thing going on.

The scene: Bestie and I were on the rooftop drinking glasses of pinot like the classy ladies we are.

Note: I pretty much licked my glass dry because glasses of wine on Manhattan rooftop bars cost the same as a small gold nugget.

Anywho, this tall, thin, overtly punk-metrosexual  guy came up to us.  Think fancy suit jacket with a pocket square paired with skinny jeans (?) and converse sneakers.  Upon talking (strictly for blog fodder), he confessed he was from Cali…

Ahhh, ok.  So at least we knew the outfit was for real and he wasn’t a NYC poser.

All of a sudden, he looks down at me (cause he’s like 6’7″), and makes mention of my “industrial size bra straps” on my tank dress.  Err yah.  He then proceeds to say I have huge boobs and skinny arms.  And… he’s a “tit guy”.

Granted, I have been out of the dating scene for a while now.  Normally, I would have smacked the mohawk off of him.  But I was stunned.  Shocked.  He caught me completely off guard.  I have never, ever (even in my wild days), been spoken to that way.

Luckily, bestie wasn’t one to lose her composure, or icey stare.  She said a few choice words and  tall lanky guy slivered away.

So besides my initial thought of wtf is going on with guys today (which I’ll address in a future blog), I was left feeling insecure about my industrial size bra straps.

This brings up several questions:

  • Do you always have to wear sexy under things even when no one other than you will see them?
  • Whats a topheavy girl to do when the only thing strong enough to hold up the boobs are equally as large?
  • And the age old question, do your bra and panties have to match?

I take pleasure in knowing I had non matching, full bottom, neon green panties that day and still felt sexy as ever (even after the jackhole encounter).

And an online dating tip so you can filter out assholes like these:

If a guy uses the word ‘tits’ in an email before meeting in person, most likely he’s not the marrying kind.  Unless he’s a farmer and refers to them as ‘teets’.

Can anyone answer some of the above questions?

Would love to hear from you!

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17 responses to “Do you always have to wear sexy underwear?

  1. Lol dude wasn’t an asshole. Well he was, but he reminds me of myself to the fullest. I would’ve approach you in the same manner and also the same wardrobe too(simple Converses are my favorite).

    The guy had a lot of balls. Only if he knew how to transition his approach into some attraction.

    I give him an A-.

    • A for asshole! first the insult, which he turned into an inapropriate come-on, then once he realized it was a lost cause (mixed in with the immasculation from my bff), he ran away.

      kenny, i am sure you have more game and class than that guy…right kenny? right!

  2. Re: matching underwear.

    Not a necessary and, depending in the order it comes off, sometimes an advantage.

  3. Advice: wear whatever undergarments make YOU feel sexy. Men will appreciate your self-confidence far more than your matching bra and panties.

    – K.

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  6. I definitely don’t concern myself with matching (or sexy) underthings when I’m the only one looking! Part of it is because sometimes sexy isn’t always the most comfortable (for work and what-not) and also because they ARE sometimes expensive and they DO deteriorate with use, so… I’d rather save those for when they’ll be appreciated by someone other than me! That said, I think certain guys appreciate that stuff and others do not. The man I’m seeing now has never once mentioned the flimsy, lacy, see-through, matching items I put on for his benefit… he seems purely concerned with what’s underneath. I guess I should be relieved, because maybe that means he won’t notice when I’ve got the re-treads on because I didn’t know we’d been seeing each other. That guy you encountered was an a-hole, but you already know that. I’ve never had the top-heavy problem, but if I did I’d go for what was most comfortable. Wide straps can be pretty too!

    • howtoonlinedate

      lace does equal chafe which is never a good thing

      one of my gf’s is all about sexy matching underwear at all times, single or not. guess as long as the wearer feels sexy (and comfortable), thats all that counts!

  7. I hate to say it, but sometimes a good old pair of full-bodied underwear feels so good after a long day at work. It’s like swaddling a butt. And sometimes a butt needs to be swaddled not glammed-up.

  8. I wear whatever I feel like wearing. And he better like it. If not, oh well. Haven’t had any complaints though!
    PS- that guy was whack.

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