PUA community… where you at?

“This course is really paying off”.*

Happy Columbus day!  The writing of my last post, which you can read here,  sparked some great comments, so in honor of keeping them going…and also attempting to gain some undercover lady intel, I’m addressing several questions to the PUA community out there.

For those of you not in the know, PUA is the acronym for Pick Up Artist.  Apparently there is a following consisting mostly of men that have combined all their knowledge and resources on picking up the ladies.  They gathered this information and formed a sort of seduction school consisting of books, lectures, how-to videos, and other forums.

Please note, when I use the word “seduction” , I use it loosely because in some cases, seduction can mean reverse psychology, inappropriate comments, and even the refusal of buying a drink and expectation to be bought a drink instead.

But then again, some ladies may view this as a sort of challenge and “rise to the occasion”, so to speak.  Therefore, insults turn into a sort of seduction foreplay with the badboy type, which as one PUA blog buddy of mine pointed out…can be fun.

Since my understanding is admittedly limited and had no idea this type of organization existed before joining WordPress, I pose some questions:

  1. Who is the founding father of this technique?
  2. Do these techniques work to attract longterm relationship type girls or merrily used as a ploy to get laid?
  3. Are there variations within the PUA community?  One for sex, the other for marriage?
  4. Is there a difference between the quality type of girl you can get in relation to what technique is being used?
  5. And most importantly, do you have a union?

As I said earlier, I had no idea this PUA organization existed.  I thought they were just the badboys in the bar.  Little did I know …

Looking back, I believe a past friend of mine fell victim to one of these PUA artists.  Through the grapevine, I heard she met a “hot guy” at a bar, they went on one great date, she then flew out to meet him…in Canada, for their second date (she’s the friend in the group that always followed her heart more than her brain).  She then returned back to the states more single than when she left.  Fast forward a bit, unbeknownst to her, he used her in some sort of training video on how to get laid.

As a whole, I think I understand the basics of PUA.  It can act as a sort of confidence booster to the meek guys out there.  It shows them how to be more confident and bold enough to approach ladies he may find attractive.  However, I can’t help put think that through the years, this technique may have been muddied by rogue PUAs that just straight lied to girls for some action.

Keyword here is honesty.  If you’re a badboy, act like one so us ladies know what to expect and enjoy ourselves accordingly.

It’s sort of like the Latin Kings of NY…at first, it was to unite one another and back eachother up.  Then they mutated into a dangerous gang.  No?  Too much?

And what ever happened to guys just coming up and saying “hello?”

Random online dating tip:

  • PUA in the online dating community does exist.  Learn to pick up on redflags if you are looking for a longterm relationship.  A big one: guys that post pics of themselves with other girls hanging on them.  Like in the barscene, some may find that a challenge, and some should not.

Thoughts on the above?  Answers to the above?

Would love to hear from you!

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30 responses to “PUA community… where you at?

  1. Wait, is this the only picture that represents PUA’s lol? A million bloggers has used this already when talking about PUA’s. I guess it’s the 1st pic which pops up in google image search under PUA’s lol.

    And I seen you did your homework too.

  2. #1 There’s no official founding father, but Mystery aka Erik Von Markovik of Canada is looked up to as our unofficial godfather and founder.

    #2 When it first started, it was all about getting laid. Now, it has evolved into getting a girlfriend also (via techniques).

    #3 Marriage!!? That’s totally out the pic for a PUA. I mean, eventually, we’ll get married, but we don’t advocate it.

    #4 Techniques vary depended on the type of girl. On some girls, we use direct openers, indirect,etc.

    #5 Union as in a labor union lol, or union as in united? We are like a franchise for most part. We’re like Al-Qaeda in the sense that we operate from a main ideology, but different splinter groups around the globe. But we do meet up in what’s called PUA summits, etc.

    • howtoonlinedate

      yes marriage… bad boys have an expiration date!

      and i meant labor union…like in case a rogue pua (giving the rest of you pua’s a bad name), gets into a little accident.. you guys can get a cheaper rate on health insurance :o)

      btw: thanks for above!

  3. Lol sounds good. I’ll have to contact the authoritative figures on looking into this rogue PUA thing.

    We do have rogue members though who drop out and back in.

    Sure, we have an expire date which will lead to the dreaded marriage

  4. BTW, I had to tweet this

  5. The sum up is simple in what we do: the average guy is scared of women, lacks confidence and even if he can approach girls, he always fails. We serve as a way to succeed.

    • i think that’s great but i wonder when that happened. guys used to be able to approach girls, now they are afraid of approaching out and about, then it stretched to a girl online, and still afraid on a first date with a girl where they have trouble carrying on a basic conversation.

      guys need to go back to basics and just say hi. who cares if they get rejected, at least they tried

      i feel another blog idea sprouting!

      • You can thank me later for inspiring you and giving you ideas to blog about lol.
        Good points. Part of why guys nowadays have so much approach anxiety is due to online dating. Why worry about approaching girls and saying hi in person when I can do it online? So that’s the catch 22 with online-dating sites.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  6. Fellow dating coach here! PUA is different for everyone. Some guys want to learn how to get laid as fast as they can and/or have 30 second make outs. But it’s also a resource for men to learn how to be more confident and find a girlfriend and maybe eventually get married. We can’t say who is using what for what, but in my experience as a coach, a lot of men just want to learn to talk to women.

    They are scared to get rejected because these days the stakes are higher. It’s much easier to meet a partner (apps, speed dating, matchmaking, online dating, traveling). So, I believe men and women are both being pickier. Therefore rejection rate seems to be higher along with competition. So this has forced men to seek out answers on how to get women and how to get the ones they are attracted to. So begins the PUA movement.

  7. While I cannot answer any of your questions, I can give you a blog to check out. http://smilepua.com/ Honestly, he knows his shit. Enjoy!! =)

  8. Hahaha, Love it!
    About the art of Seduction….this is what women want. .http://wp.me/p2NzQD-4

  9. I find the PUA community fascinating too! But I do see the need. So many guys are clueless!!!! And if you’re a smart girl, you can tell the difference between tricks and honesty.

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