The way too much info guy

“But, I’m just…so…sad.” *

Hey there!  Reminiscing about my semi-recent night out in NYC makes me think about a guy who approached bestie and I and shared way too much information. We ran into him in the line for the bathroom, then again by the bar, then again on the rooftop where he offered to take some pics.  Granted he cropped off the bottom half of my head, but it’s the thought that counts.  He seemed nice enough and funny enough to chat to, but then he started getting a bit too raw.

Maybe it’s because he saw wedding bands on and felt he needed to unload his personal issues on taken women, or maybe he thought being a sensitive soul was the way into a girls heart, or maybe he just had too much to drink.

Regardless, it was a little too much for comfort.  He started telling us how he is a nice guy but doesn’t really get along with his sister.  Ok.  Then he started saying his sister has an attitude problem because she is a lesbian and just came out.  What?  Ok.  But then he starts saying he is clinically depressed and takes medication.  Say what?

Words of advice:

  • When meeting someone, anyone outside of the medical profession, for the first time, do not bring up negative family dynamics or personal mental health issues.  This does not make for light banter and makes the other person uncomfortable.

Bestie and I ran away when he went to the bathroom.  He found us again, and brought his skeezy friend.  Maybe he didn’t see the wedding band?

His skeezy friend happened to be the the person I wrote about here.  Perhaps Mr. Asshole was trying to balance out Mr. Too Much Info?  Could jackass have been an unsuccessful trainer of sorts?  What do you think?

Random Online Dating Tip:

  • When meeting for a first date, don’t make it a double or group scenario.  It should just be the two of you.  That way, you and your date can get to see if there is a chance for a second date.

Ever met a wingman that was horrible at his job?  Or have you ever met two people completely opposite of one-another yet close friends?  How do you feel about group first dates?  Think they help or hinder a budding relationship?

Would love to hear from you!

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16 responses to “The way too much info guy

  1. Just realised that my nights out are way boring compared to yours!

  2. Group dates are more casual, but for a first date one on one scenarios are best.

    – K.

  3. The piece of advice you gave about don’t make it a double scenario. What do you mean exactly? Elaborate or give an example.

    • On a first date it’s important to get to know eachother. So when scheduling for a first meet, i don’t think it’s ok to say “My friends and I are going to be at Bob’s Tavern at 8. Meet me there and we can all go out”,

      Especially if this is a first online date meet, and if you want something a little more than a casual encounter… After a couple dates, then the friend thing is natural. What do you think?

      • Ok true. I get your point now. You’re 100% right. And guys violate this all the time. The only time a guy should do that is if you(the girl) has a friend or was bringing along a friend.
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  4. Group dates are great and a lot of fun, BUT not on a first date. Or really even a second or third. I think it takes more than a single date to get through that initial getting-to-know-each-other phase.

  5. Ugh I hate when guys do that. But at least it’s a clear warning sign for me to stay the hell away from them and never give them a chance!! Haha =)

  6. Both of those dudes sound like clueless losers.
    When a guy shares too much like that, it’s definitely a turnoff. Like he can’t handle his business.

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