Is an insult followed by a compliment the new pick up technique nowadays?

“tee hee hee, thank you.”

Hola!  Yesterday I wrote a blog on undergarments and when it’s appropriate to wear them for function versus appeal… well, sorta.  You can read about it here.

In said post, I made mention of a guy that threw in an insult, followed it with a compliment (albeit an inappropriate one), then seemed shocked when his master plan of getting laid didn’t work out.

Three quick tips for the single men out there:

  1. When trying to pick up a lady, check out her ring finger.  If there is a ring on that finger, don’t expect much more than friendly banter.  Sadly this is not always the case, but your potential dating/ hooking up percentages go up significantly when trying to pick up a single lady versus an obviously non single lady at a bar.  That way you can move on and not waste anyone’s time (including your own).
  2. Throwing insults and/or making mention of any body part that would normally be covered by a bikini is not a good idea.  The lady will look at you with disgust and treat you accordingly.  This can range from walking away, throwing a drink in your face, emasculating you verbally, or if you’re really out of line, some sort of physical assault to your groin area.
  3. (Appropriate) compliments are always a good thing.

If you’re semi-good looking, confident, and have no overt flaws, there is no doubt in my mind you will hook up with someone in a place where they serve alcohol, no matter what comes out of your mouth.  But keep in mind, it will be just that…a hook up.

Probably a drunk hook up with an insecure girl who will make it her nights mission proving just how attractive she is to you.  This will not be a long term relationship type of girl.  Not the girl you can take home to mom.  And definitely not the minimal baggage type of girl either.

I want to be very clear, I am not talking about one night stands, cause let’s be honest, everyone I know over 18 has had at least one (no matter how classy they turn out to be).  I’m talking about girls that can take a stranger’s insults and turn them into some sort of challenge.  It’s sad because relationship cycles like this perpetuate their insecurities (anywho, that’s for a more serious blog).

What’s my point?  If you want to hook up with hot, not so hot insecure girls, by all means… go for it.  But if you’re looking for a girl with a little more to her, follow the 3 tips above.

Random online dating tip (or first date tip):

  • Guys should always pay for the first date…yes, I said always.  But girls should always offer and say thank you (after the guy rejects their offer).

For the cheapies out there, think of it as an investment in your future.  This is the first date.  Try to court a little, even if you don’t like her enough for a second date.

You never know if she has a hot friend she can refer you to.  Last thing you want is to be known as the cheap guy to all her friends on cyberspace.

What are some pick up techniques you follow?  Do they work?  Is a simple introduction over-rated?  Who pays on a first date?

Would love to hear from you!

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Do you always have to wear sexy underwear?

Hey there!  As some of you read, I went back to my old stomping grounds in NYC not too long ago.  In making the rounds seeing family and friends, I of course, went out drinking with bestie…duh.

Feeling, (and looking), fabulous.  We went to a rooftop lounge somewhere downtown.  Surprisingly, we were approached several times. I say surprisingly because when we were both single, there wasn’t a guy that was ballsy enough to say hi.  They just gave creepy stares from afar.  Now that we’re hitched and have some wrinkles, men were coming out of the woodwork.

This blog will discuss one in particular who had this sort of jackassy thing going on.

The scene: Bestie and I were on the rooftop drinking glasses of pinot like the classy ladies we are.

Note: I pretty much licked my glass dry because glasses of wine on Manhattan rooftop bars cost the same as a small gold nugget.

Anywho, this tall, thin, overtly punk-metrosexual  guy came up to us.  Think fancy suit jacket with a pocket square paired with skinny jeans (?) and converse sneakers.  Upon talking (strictly for blog fodder), he confessed he was from Cali…

Ahhh, ok.  So at least we knew the outfit was for real and he wasn’t a NYC poser.

All of a sudden, he looks down at me (cause he’s like 6’7″), and makes mention of my “industrial size bra straps” on my tank dress.  Err yah.  He then proceeds to say I have huge boobs and skinny arms.  And… he’s a “tit guy”.

Granted, I have been out of the dating scene for a while now.  Normally, I would have smacked the mohawk off of him.  But I was stunned.  Shocked.  He caught me completely off guard.  I have never, ever (even in my wild days), been spoken to that way.

Luckily, bestie wasn’t one to lose her composure, or icey stare.  She said a few choice words and  tall lanky guy slivered away.

So besides my initial thought of wtf is going on with guys today (which I’ll address in a future blog), I was left feeling insecure about my industrial size bra straps.

This brings up several questions:

  • Do you always have to wear sexy under things even when no one other than you will see them?
  • Whats a topheavy girl to do when the only thing strong enough to hold up the boobs are equally as large?
  • And the age old question, do your bra and panties have to match?

I take pleasure in knowing I had non matching, full bottom, neon green panties that day and still felt sexy as ever (even after the jackhole encounter).

And an online dating tip so you can filter out assholes like these:

If a guy uses the word ‘tits’ in an email before meeting in person, most likely he’s not the marrying kind.  Unless he’s a farmer and refers to them as ‘teets’.

Can anyone answer some of the above questions?

Would love to hear from you!

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Excuses, excuses, excuses

Hey there!  Again, many apologies for being a non-blogger as of late.  Is it something in the air?  I don’t seem to be the only one who is MIA (evidenced by the many blogs I’ve read beginning with a similar apology).

Here is a rundown of my own personal excuses (some better than others):

  1. Got home from 3 week getaway and wanted to veg out (sleep and do laundry)
  2. Consumed with organizing pics to online albums
  3. After ordering over 500 pics derived from said painstakingly organized online albums, was disappointed when they arrived fuzzy and of poor quality… all 500+ of them
  4. The anger only grew when BOTH hubby and my laptops got a virus the same day I returned a box full of pics back and was ready to take them to a local store to print (so I can keep a watchful and somewhat threatening eye on the photo tech)
  5. Catching up on missed RealHousewives drama (including their blogs), has kept me blissfully brain dead and unable to form full sentences (or thoughts)

Could it be that a larger than life force is preventing me from printing prints to make cutesy travel albums?  I dunno.

Egypt pics to quench your thirst while I shake the laziness and picture frustration out of me:

(Pyramids of Giza)  Yes, hubby always looks like he’s attacking me in pretty much every photo we’re in together.

A little perspective on size.

And a random online dating tip for good measure:

Guys (and gals), do not wear bowling shoes on a first date unless you are going bowling.  Otherwise, your date will be wondering ‘what’s up with the bowling shoes?’  Trust me, they don’t make you look hipster chic… just strange.

Who has seen any of the world wonders?  Where have you gone?  What’s your take on bowling shoe etiquette?  Ok to wear them as sneakers or just at the lanes?

Would love to hear from you!

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Birthday sunrise

Hello hello!  As a true narcissist, I would like to point out that today is my birthday. This means that today you should see things a little brighter, and feel a sense of contentment (since I’m in the world).

In an effort to maintain my girly physique, not really an effort because my physique is wonderful of course, I went for a morning walk and came across the most beautiful sunrise.

I leave you with an awe inspiring mobile pic.

Isn’t it gorg?

Random online dating tip of the morning:

Don’t wear fake lashes on a first date… unless you’re meeting at a costume party, S&M club, or plucked your natural lashes out due to your trichotillomania.  Otherwise, you look like high maintenance.

Anyone take morning walks?  What are some awe inspiring pics you captured?

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I’m back!

errr… welcome back.  My master didn’t think you’d mind a little free fertilizer

Hey there!  Finally made it back home this early am from a businessy-vaca.  I know that some most of you were probably busy building shrines with big hair, in my likeness, and presenting daily offerings in hopes that I might return sooner.  The wait is over, alas, I have finally returned.  No?  Sorry, One of the places visited was Greece… too much ouzo.

As mentioned, I am not too tech savvy, but once I figure out how to add a new tab, I’ll start a “travel” section with tons of pics.

Plus, I will get a chance to catch up on all of your fabulous blogs, post some new awards (thank you!!), and of course add more dating / online dating tips/ tricks/ and everything in between.

Till then, I leave you with some advice… if you have a dog, do not let them shit on your neighbor’s lawn while they are away, otherwise there will be hell to pay.

Nothing like hosing off your neighbor’s dog shit off your luggage wheels to make for a relaxing morning.

Anyone been to Greece?  Who likes ouzo?  After drinking it, did you feel a few chest hairs sprout from your body?

Would love to hear from you!

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Angry looks on a New York sidewalk

Angry Girl

Angry Girl

Hey there!  So it’s my second day in NY and looking outside my sister’s window, I think I packed a Florida rain-cloud with me.  He must have snuck in my bag when I wasn’t looking… little rascal.

Before the afternoon shower, I had a chance to stretch out my glams (one step up from gams) on the city sidewalks.  It felt so good to actually walk around instead of hopping in the car to reach any daily destination.

In my walk, I noticed a lot of beautiful people wearing a lot of beautiful things…but… they all looked pissed off.  Girls strode by wearing giant designer sunglasses and non-matching scowls.

What were they so pissed at?  If anyone should be mad at the world, it should be me.  World, I’m pissed at the grape sized zit that manifested on my face a couple days ago.  Now, that’s something to be pissed at.

Although, construction workers didn’t seem to mind my budding face grape.

I started to reminisce.  Was I an angry looking bumpkin before I moved south?  Did I walk the streets of NY like a horse with blinders on, only staring straight ahead, and gave menacing looks to strangers that dared to look my way?

Sure did.  I didn’t have to hide the bitchiness because I was in a sea of bitchiness.

Ah, it’s so nice to be back home!

Are all NYers angry on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside?

Would love to hear from you!

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First stop…New York!

Yo, yo, yo…(in honor of my fellow NYers).

So sorry I’ve been blog absent but I’ve been busy packing!

On my way to NY, then off we go overseas for a bit.  Will try to catch up on my blogs, your blogs, and everything in between.

First stop…New York!  xoxo-

Lady Liberty

Anyone here from NY/ been there/ online date someone from there?  What has been your experience?  I want to hear the good, bad, and ugly!

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