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Happy Halloween!

Dance, dance, dance.

Boo!  In the spirit of Halloween, here is a photo blast from the past.  This is me and a buddy of mine many years ago striking a mid dance pose at some party.  It was held at some random guys house in the middle of the woods.  He completely decked it out with strobe lights, decorations, etc… think he even had a fog machine.

To answer some questions: Yes, I do believe it was in Jersey (hence the fog machine).  I have no idea why I had my purse on.  We were not lucid when this photo was taken.

Can you tell what we were dressed as?  I’ll give you a hint: In an 80’s cult movie classic, she was in construction by day and a stripper at night who fell in love with her older boss.  Nothing?  Ok, in a fameworthy dance move on stage, she pulled a tassel to drench herself with a bucket of water.

That’s right… Jennifer Beals from Flashdance!

I think I wore this costume 3 years in a row because it was just so comfortable.  All you need is a leotard, grey sweatshirt, tights, legwarmers, and Keds.  Wrist and headband are optional but adds a nice touch.  Feel free to copy and your feet will thank me later :o)

What are some of your favorite costumes that you have gone as?  Or have seen other people in?  Anyone go to/ planning on going to any Halloween parties this year?

Anyone meet anyone at a Halloween party?  I did.  You can read all about it here.

Would love to hear from you!

On a side note:  Am so grateful loved ones in NY are doing well after Hurricane Sandy.  Please pray for those who aren’t.

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Excuses, excuses, excuses

Hey there!  Again, many apologies for being a non-blogger as of late.  Is it something in the air?  I don’t seem to be the only one who is MIA (evidenced by the many blogs I’ve read beginning with a similar apology).

Here is a rundown of my own personal excuses (some better than others):

  1. Got home from 3 week getaway and wanted to veg out (sleep and do laundry)
  2. Consumed with organizing pics to online albums
  3. After ordering over 500 pics derived from said painstakingly organized online albums, was disappointed when they arrived fuzzy and of poor quality… all 500+ of them
  4. The anger only grew when BOTH hubby and my laptops got a virus the same day I returned a box full of pics back and was ready to take them to a local store to print (so I can keep a watchful and somewhat threatening eye on the photo tech)
  5. Catching up on missed RealHousewives drama (including their blogs), has kept me blissfully brain dead and unable to form full sentences (or thoughts)

Could it be that a larger than life force is preventing me from printing prints to make cutesy travel albums?  I dunno.

Egypt pics to quench your thirst while I shake the laziness and picture frustration out of me:

(Pyramids of Giza)  Yes, hubby always looks like he’s attacking me in pretty much every photo we’re in together.

A little perspective on size.

And a random online dating tip for good measure:

Guys (and gals), do not wear bowling shoes on a first date unless you are going bowling.  Otherwise, your date will be wondering ‘what’s up with the bowling shoes?’  Trust me, they don’t make you look hipster chic… just strange.

Who has seen any of the world wonders?  Where have you gone?  What’s your take on bowling shoe etiquette?  Ok to wear them as sneakers or just at the lanes?

Would love to hear from you!

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Birthday sunrise

Hello hello!  As a true narcissist, I would like to point out that today is my birthday. This means that today you should see things a little brighter, and feel a sense of contentment (since I’m in the world).

In an effort to maintain my girly physique, not really an effort because my physique is wonderful of course, I went for a morning walk and came across the most beautiful sunrise.

I leave you with an awe inspiring mobile pic.

Isn’t it gorg?

Random online dating tip of the morning:

Don’t wear fake lashes on a first date… unless you’re meeting at a costume party, S&M club, or plucked your natural lashes out due to your trichotillomania.  Otherwise, you look like high maintenance.

Anyone take morning walks?  What are some awe inspiring pics you captured?

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Online dating profile pictures… do’s and don’ts

Jerzy Kukuczka and Andrzej Czok during 1980 sp...

Jerzy Kukuczka and Andrzej Czok during 1980 spring expedition to Mount Everest. On May 19, 1980 they climb the mountain through new route. Polski: Jerzy Kukuczka i Andrzej Czok podczas wyprawy na Mount Everest z wiosny 1980 roku. Zdobyli oni szczyt nową drogą 19 maja 1980. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey there!  After reading your blogs, you have inspired some new topics for me to cover…so thank you fellow bloggers!  Your stories and wit gave me a much needed push to continue writing and hopefully provide someone the same encouragement you did me.

A few of you mentioned online dating profile pics.  What you’ve come across, what you wish you came across, and the like.  The following will be from my experience.

Now that I’m hitched (via match.com), I’ve been sending my single friends and family members profiles that I think would be worth their time.  In doing so, I have come across many not so alluring headshots.  It never ceases to amaze me what some people use as visual bait.

For the men out there:

  1. Your main pic should be a clear, smiling photo of you… not a topless photo of you, not a photo of you 100 feet away, and certainly not a photo of you lost amongst a group of people that probably don’t even know they are inadvertently on an online dating site
  2. Your main pic (or really any pic), should not be the same one used to get your passport … we can tell because the background almost always resembles a grey prison backdrop
  3. You should not be wearing sunglasses in your main photo
  4. You should have more than 1…make that at least 5 photos of yourself… just yourself, not including pictures you took of Mt. Everest and tiger lillies
  5. You should not exceed 10 pics of yourself (more than that screams picture hog)… from different days.  Please do not have 10 pics of yourself in the same place with 10 different (or not so different poses), unless they are placeholders for soon to be replacement pics.  This makes us think you think you looked good only once in your adult life
  6. Photos should not be more than 5 years old
  7. If by some chance you lost/gained a lot of weight or changed drastically within the past 5 years, update the pic accordingly and do not use the above mentioned rule as a loophole
  8. Please don’t flex
  9. Please don’t post a photo of you taking your own photo… that’s very highschool myspace
  10. Please don’t post a professional headshot as your main pic…feel free to post that as one of your 7 pics in the profile itself
  11. Professional pics should only be used if you are in fact a model/actor/ or in the entertainment world… otherwise it just looks weird that you would go through the trouble of even acquiring a professional pic

In prowling online, I also check out what I like to call “the competition” which falls under the same demo and likeness of who I am man-hunting for.  This is how I get to check out the ladies that are coming up for the men searching a similar demo.  I gotta hand it to you ladies.  We as a sex far exceed the photo capability than our male counterparts…good job!  The below are some pointers for those not so pic savvy.

For the ladies out there:

All the above including

  1. Don’t post photos of you dressed like a hoochie mama and get mad when he thinks you are a hoochie mama… yes, I know we have the right to dress anyway we want (I too dressed like a hoochie mama way back when), but realize men are not the brightest when they see t and a.  They don’t really care if you are a literary genius if they can make out your right nipple in a pic
  2. Don’t pout your lips
  3. Don’t try to look extra sultry… most likely it will be a failed attempt and you just look strange
  4. If possible, take a pic from at least the chest up (including your arms)… I’ve been told by many a guy that they like to get a better idea of what a date looks like before committing to a meet… yes yes, I know this is shallow and unfair, but we all know they are visual creatures

I would love to hear what you think about the above and of course what you have come across!